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29 November 2029 @ 12:16 am

I guess you are here for the Action Figure Theater, right?

At the moment we do have lists of Stargate stories , Torchwood stories , Doctor Who stories, Arrow stories and John Barrowman stories .

And here is the list of all my customized actionfigures.

And my fanfiction masterlist

Hope you like it here! If you do, please leave feedback.
Have fun!
22 December 2014 @ 09:22 am
A great man has left us yesterday, all of a sudden and very unexpected. He was one of those people that seemed to have been around forever and you expect him to be around forever. He had a successful career for decades, starting in the Sixthies. Just a few weeks ago the TV celebrated a wonderful gala for his 80th birthday, and he still seemed so full of power and youthful. He gave his last concert just two weeks ago and a new tour was planned for February.

Austrian singer, songwriter, composer Udo Jürgens was mostly known in German speaking countries, but also had number 1 hits in France and Japan and toured all over Europe and in China and Japan as well.

We certainly loved him on this side of the wall as well - he gave concerts in Eastern Germany and always tried to cross borders, he spoke up and predicted the wall would be teared down in one of his songs in the Eighties. I recently saw a documentary about one of his concerts in East-Berlin - tenthousand people who had not been able to get tickets were at the stage door and they had to get him out with a tank finally. And he pleaded to the authorities to not shoot the people.

I am sure if he had switched to English he would have had a world career but he always insisted in sticking to German, he wanted the people to understand his lyrics. His songs often were very thought provoking. Some of them were forbidden in Eastern Germany, like the simple song about a balloon flying from Bavaria to Prague. Other songs were forbidden in Western Germany, the Catholic Church did not like his song where he critisized the pope for forbidding birth control. In the Seventies he had a song about an unmarried couple living in a house and the reactions of the conservative neighbours. Later this song got updated about a gay couple.

He wrote over 1,000 songs, some of them were even sung by Shirley Bassey and Sammy Davis jr. Bet you didn't know that? Here is "If I never sing another song" by Sammy Davis jr., which I would consider a very typical Udo Jürgens composition, that's exactly how his music was, powerful, with a high peak, and yet then it can get so soft again:

If you prefer, you can also listen to the same song in a very different soft just piano version by young singer Jamie Cullum (while Udo Jürgens is listening), this is from the birthday gala just a few weeks ago:

And this is Shirley Bassey with "Reach for the stars", a very old song from the Sixthies, before Udo's career started in full:

Trying to find more English songs for you, here is "I can - I will", which is a duet partly German (Udo Jürgens) and partly English (Sonja Kimmons). This is from the concert in 1987 in East Berlin, which I watched at the TV at the time at the age of 14. It was also the first song I tried to translate with the English lessons I had in school.

One of my favouritest songs, but really, I have so many:

Another one of my all time favouritest is called "I have never been to New York", about a man who wants to buy cigarettes and suddenly realizes he could leave right now, as he never has been to New York or San Francisco but in the end he goes back to his wife and kid. Live in concert, Udo mixes his song in the middle with Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" and it was always a highlight.

Some of his songs even inspired me for pictures, I painted one for the song "Ice to Fire" and sent it to him and got a letter back. He also has a song called "5 minutes to 12", he sings about the beach that now is full of oil, and where used to be a wood they now build an airport, about the desctruction of our environment. I made a picture that can be changed from one to the other buy switching it one frame. The part in the middle stays the same, as this is the hope, the future:

 photo 5Minutenvor12-1600x450.jpg

 photo 5Minutenvor12-3600x450.jpg

I don't think I ever sent this to him. Now it's too late.

He wasn't as successful in his personal life, you can't be a dedicated husband and father with such a job, but well, nobody is perfect. He loved the ladies when he was younger and the ladies loved him.

If you live in Germany, in the evening the ARD will show a documentary about his life with lots of old clips and wonderful interviews, and the ZDF will re-air the really wonderful birthday gala. Both are highly recommended.
20 December 2014 @ 05:32 pm
More pictures of plushies eating. My brother does them a lot ;)

In case you cannot recognize it, this is a roll with cold sour fish, fresh onions and pickles. Delicious and usually sold at fairs.

 photo DasgroszligeFressen08.jpg

 photo DasgroszligeFressen09.jpg

And this is a red grouse, obviously. Bon appetit!

 photo DasgroszligeFressen11.jpg

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12 December 2014 @ 12:28 am
I'll have to get him when he comes out! Too cute:
09 December 2014 @ 12:41 pm
The plushie pictures are the work of my brother. I do action figure theatre, he does plushie theatre ;)

Part 1 was here: Plushie pictures 1

Part 2 was here: Plushie pictures 2

 photo Weihnachtstiere.jpg

I bought this beaver in Canada and it already came with hat and skies, but here it is skiing on some snow on our balkony ;)

 photo Skispaszlig02.jpg
06 December 2014 @ 09:58 am
Today is December 6th, that means it is Nikolaus Day in Germany. Don't know if other countries celebrate it as well. On the evening of December 5th, children are supposed to polish their shoes and then put them outside the door. The next morning, they will find them filled with sweets and nuts and an orange possibly. But if they weren't polished, you might find coal ;) You also put your Christmas wish list into it and then the Nikolaus will give it to Santa Claus.

The Doctor thought he would be clever in putting all shoes out he has, and thus receiving more than his fair share of sweets.

Read on here - more pictures behind the cutCollapse )

 photo Nikolaus1.jpg
03 December 2014 @ 12:24 pm
Jack reads up about how he can grow his own TARDIS from a crystal. He's got the plans and the TARDIS manual. This should work?

More pictures under the cutCollapse )

 photo P9060051-1.jpg
01 December 2014 @ 08:52 pm
How awful :( Here is a video:

Originally posted by fueschgast at Creepy shit
About 17:18 my attention was drawn away from my computer screen by a big orange light in or behind the neighboring town Pirna lighting up the sky for a few seconds. Then something smaller and brighter - a fireball, I suspect - came partly into view for a bit before all the light was gone. A few seconds later the shockwave rumbled past and made even my building make a noise (can't remember what it was, if the wall did it or if the window rattled or something).

Googling didn't turn up anything about it yet, but I did find out that this town has an explosives factory and at least 2 places near that town have fireworks factories.
dieastra, do you know anything?

ETA at 20:24: Google is turning up lots of news by now - it's all over the German news websites. A furnace in a chemical factory (which is 17km from my apartment) in Pirna blew up, one person died, 4 injured.
30 November 2014 @ 05:52 pm
It's been three years since my first Christmas decorations post but I have gotten lots of new things since, so here is an update. Click the link to read some explanations though which I won't repeat this time.

More pictures under the cutCollapse )

I decorated the TARDISI myself, the Dalek belongs to a set of tree ornaments from the BBC shop, my brother has the TARDIS.

 photo 1432.jpg
Title: Feet
Author: dieastra
Beta: Thank you Beth for all the hard work!
Rating: K
Category: Angst, Humor
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Mozzie, June
Word Count: 1.079

Summary: Neal has been asked to do something but suddenly got cold feet. But it’s the start of his new life.

Notes: This is a sequel to my other story Hands but can be read alone as well.


Neal looked down at his feet. They had used to be on the move constantly. They had jumped out of windows, leapt down from buildings, dangled from heights far above the ground. They had kicked open doors, moved up ladders, sneaked into buildings, and danced along the corridor to the evidence room in the FBI building. Once or twice they had even managed to keep him from drowning, when his only way out had been jumping into water. But most of the time, they had been running. In all his years as a con man, he never stayed in one place for too long. Always afraid of being caught.

Even after his days as a con man were over, and he had started working for the FBI, he still had needed to run away a lot. People always were shooting at him with firearms, or bows and arrows. Staying on the move meant staying alive.

But right now, his feet would not move one inch. It actually weren’t his feet that were the problem, his knees were. They were locked and didn’t budge at all. Neal knew he couldn’t stay here indefinitely, that he had to walk those last few steps through the door ahead, but he just couldn’t. He was terrified.

Aside from his feet and knees, his voice was failing him as well. He was used to being able to talk his way out of every situation, always knew how to read his opponents, and instinctively knew the right approach to winning them over, to make them consider hearing him out instead of simply shooting him. His voice could be charming, coaxing, and smooth; it also could be loud and angry and hurt, but right now, it was nonexistent. He seemed to have lost it; it seemed stuck in his throat, and he was unable to say even one word. Let alone do what was expected of him any minute now!

He should never have agreed to this. What would Peter think of him? And Elizabeth, Jones and Diana? He did not need to guess what Mozzie would be thinking; he was in on this, and had actively helped prepare Neal during the past weeks. Read on here: Still he felt he wasn’t ready, not at all...Collapse )

Also posted on AO3:

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08 November 2014 @ 11:34 pm
This post is especially for cowgrrl ;)

The part of the city where I live is called Löbtau. Like many other quarters it used to be a small village, until it became part of Dresden. An old nickname for it is Kuh-Löbtau, or short Kuh-Löbte.

Therefore, when we had the 110th celebration of our big main shopping street back in September, with a parade and everything, a cow was part of it as well. I took some funny pictures with it:

 photo 100_2993600x450.jpg

 photo 100_2994600x450.jpg

 photo 100_3008600x450.jpg
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My first "White Collar" fanfiction! This was bound to be to happen. Can't wait for Thursday and the 6th season to start. In the meantime, enjoy - hopefully!

Title: Hands
Author: dieastra
Beta: Thank you Beth for all the hard work and tardisjournal for some additional suggestions!
Rating: T
Category: Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Mozzie, June, Peter, Diana
Word Count: 3.532
Spoilers last episode of season 5

Summary: After having been released from his kidnappers, Neal has to learn to accept some changes in his life.

Notes: Another one of those "What happened to Neal after the season 5 finale" stories. Still I hope I found a different approach.



Neal looked down at his hands. He always had liked to be busy. All those years behind bars, where he only could sit and stare at the walls, waiting for the day to be over. It had almost driven him crazy.

His hands had been his tools, they had done so many things. Sketched on paper. Painted canvas. Forged Whiskey. Chiselled a block of marble. Swung swords and billiard cues. Flipped a hat around. Picked locks. Opened safes. Grabbed briefcases from pockets and watches from wrists. Slipped out of countless handcuffs. They had hugged Peter, clapped his shoulder, taught him how to mix drinks. They had taken oaths he had not intended to keep, and also a few he actually had meant to keep, until circumstances prevented it. They also had opened many wine bottles, held even more countless women, stroked them tenderly, cooked meals for them. They had typed away on a keyboard, written FBI reports, and they even had punched a face and shot a gun once or twice. And if they hadn’t been busy with any of that, they liked to fiddle with a pen at least. Always keeping busy.

Even when he had been “retired” to that island – yeah, didn’t last long, that – he had not just sat down and relaxed. He had still liked to paint, and maybe one day he might even have started on some original work. And his hands had sculpted that sand castle of the New York skyline. The view from his apartment window.

But now all of this was in the past. Now his fingers looked and felt like useless claws. “They” had done their best to ensure that he’d never use them again properly. Every single finger broken, some even two or three times. The doctors had done what they could, but his days as con man were officially over. His fingers were stiff now, and hurt occasionally. Some of the fractures hadn’t healed properly. He was able to get by in his daily life, but ever so often he was reminded of his limitations. Every single task took twice as long as it should have.

And to this day he didn’t know who “they” were. So he couldn’t even plan any revenge. The man (or woman?) behind his kidnapping had been careful to never show their face. And they had known what they were doing, grabbing Neal at a time when nobody would miss him. Neal had spent months as a prisoner – again – trying to survive, doing what they wanted. Waiting for Peter to come and find him. Again. Only, Peter never came. And Neal continued to suffer.

Oh, they had been careful to not damage his eyes or his hands. They needed him to forge all kinds of stuff for them. He was valuable. The rest of his body, not so much. But they had been careful to not inflict any permanent damage. Nothing that wouldn’t heal on its own. Neal had soon stopped to count all the marks on his body. He’d tried to resist, at first, hoping against hope that in a few hours some people would storm through the door, shouting “FBI! Put your weapons down!”

More than once he had wished he had told Peter about the man following him. Things might have been different then.

But the longer he waited, and the more they “insisted”, the more his resistance crumbled. Especially when they got out the electric wires.

He’d tried a new tactic then, pretending to work willingly, while trying to hide hints in his work. Hints for Peter to pick up on. Sometimes they caught him doing it, which resulted in another beating, sometimes they didn’t. But it made no difference, Peter still didn’t come.

And they had known him so well. They had kept him in a room that had nothing he could work with, to try to get out on his own.

The room was absolutely bare. He slept on the naked concrete. He got only food that needed no cutting, no knife. Of course not. But he did not even have a bowl for his “personal needs” which he could have smashed onto the head of one of his captors. He had to wait for the few times a day when someone would accompany him to the toilet. Standing right next to him with a gun in his back actually. He’d tried to not let the humiliation get to him, acting nonchalant instead – hey, he was Neal Caffrey, always a smile on his lips!

His world also had become very quiet. Nobody ever talked to him. The only noise was the grunting of the men who beat him, and his own moans when he couldn’t suppress them any longer. Sometimes, when he was alone in his cell, he talked loudly to himself, just to hear his voice.

He’d completely lost track of time. The room they kept him in had no window. He knew no day, no night. They amused themselves with startling him awake at irregular hours, which soon left him exhausted and confused. All he knew was that he had been here for a long time already, and that this was what the rest of his life would be like.

That’s when he stopped doing anything at all. They beat him – he didn’t care. They threatened to kill him – he didn’t care. He stopped eating entirely and lost quite some weight until they realized he was serious, he wanted out of this, one way or the other.

Surprisingly, they didn’t just kill him. Sometimes he wished they had. Instead they dropped him off at some street corner far away from home, almost as good as new, except for that last gift they had left him with.

They had taken the most important thing from him, the ultimate punishment. As far as Neal was concerned, his life was over.

It had been a long and excruciating walk home. Read on here: He had no money, no phone...Collapse )

On to the sequel: Feet

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31 October 2014 @ 10:06 am
The Doctor wanted to buy some stuff for a party, but the shop owner looks rather scary!

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 photo Halloween01.jpg