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29 November 2029 @ 12:16 am

I guess you are here for the funny pictures with action figures, right? Here are some links to get you started:

Star Trek action figure pictures: Star Trek

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Pictures for the Sixth Scale Universe competitions: Sixth Scale Universe

Funny figure pictures with John Barrowman: John Barrowman

And here is the list of all my customized actionfigures and props.

And my fanfiction masterlist

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Throwback Thursday: Some figures from my childhood in East Germany. The mechanic and fireman are similar to Playmobil, having hands that can grab accessories.

The others are just made from gum. A ship captain & a police man at the left, at the right a taylor (from the fairytale?) & a robber and the two guys in the middle are Moritz and Max from the Wilhelm Busch Max & Moritz comics. No idea if they are known outside of Germany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_and_Moritz

With all those figures, I have no idea who the maker is, where are they from or if there are more, but I have known them all my childhood. I actually also had several of these mice, everyone called them Mickeymouse but at the time I had no idea why! That picture is from the net, not mine. No idea where mine are. I had white, yellow, brown and green.

hamsterwoman Are these the same mice we once talked about?

 photo DSC05478.jpg

 photo DSC05488.jpg

 photo images.jpg
25 April 2017 @ 08:45 pm
Today April 25th is World Penguin Day! It's when the penguins start to migrate northward.

 photo DSC03754 600 x 484.jpg

 photo DSC03770 600 x 461.jpg
As promised, the introduction post for Doctor "Bones" McCoy. He comes with moving tricorder, phaser, communicator and lots of hands like Kirk and Spock. But his best bit is the medical set! It connects to his pants via magnets. And all the items can be taken out.
And he even has the small ring! It is loose and can be put on any hand. And the Exclusive version even has the medical tunic.

Many more pictures under the cut!

Many more pictures under the cutCollapse )

 photo B01.jpg
20 April 2017 @ 11:53 pm
Turns out I shared this picture everywhere but here. I'll do a proper introduction post yet for the Quantum Mechanix Bones / Doctor McCoy, but here is a little teaser. I'm so happy to have him! He comes with so many awesome things. A full working medical pouch! None of my figures will ever be sick again.

 photo DSC01870 600 x 523.jpg
I made another good use of the lab table! Guess I should give Ed his proper green scrubs. Wonder how difficult it could be to customize this figure. I need another desk anyway.

The heart he is holding in his hand came with the "Ice-cream Xander" I recently bought. I need to introduce him to you yet.

The knife is borrowed from Teyla, Stargate Atlantis ;) The stool is something that came with a pizza once.

Detailed pictures under the cutCollapse )

 photo lab01.jpg
I love these three characters!
Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee), Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue)

 photo Projekt1 600 x 814.jpg
Easter egg hunt.

"You're doing it wrong, Spock!"

 photo Easteregg Hunt 600 x 527.jpg

Valerie Parv: Do you have an bird that could land on Spock's head?

 photo Easter egg bird 600 x 559.jpg

Donna Maureen: Meek Doctor, I'll have you know that it makes much more logical sense to place eggs in a nest than in a basket, so perhaps we should reexamine who is doing it "wrong."

Donna Maureen: Meek Bones, stop annoying Spock and just be cheerful and positive!

Donna Maureen: Meek Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not the Easter Bunny!

Farrell Lynn: Prime Directive: Do not interfere with the aliens about to hatch!
The Detolf needed Spring cleaning and I told them that I am not their mother and they are big enough to do it themselves.
Note how Sherlock made himself scarce.

 photo DSC02590 - Kopie 600 x 299.jpg
13 April 2017 @ 10:39 pm
My Easter haul! This greeted me when I came home today. A basket that is a sheep! With lots of chocolates, a bunny made from marzipan and another sheep that cannot be eaten! Also the duck makes quack-quack noises when you press the belly. Like Donald Duck. I love such stuff.

 photo DSC02522.jpg

 photo DSC02527.jpg

This I had sat on the table to greet my mother. It's Timmy from the Shaun the Sheep line, dressed as an Easter bunny ;)

 photo DSC02530.jpg
I took a video of my miniature vaccuumer, washing machine and dishwasher. They all make realistic noises. So great! Please watch here:


This had been planned very differently. This had been planned as a comparison of the umbrella carriers Penguin (Gotham) and Missy (Doctor Who). But then I suddenly got reminded of "Singing in the Rain" and this happened ;)

Individual pictures plus Missy behind the cutCollapse )

 photo Singing.jpg
02 April 2017 @ 08:03 am
With a little help from my friends I managed to get these awesome struts from Wrestling figures! The seller did not want to send to Germany so it had to take a detour over a British friend. After finding this initial ebay offer I looked around for others, but none were as nice as these and I always returned there.

The silver ones will go into my customized warehouse, the black ones are supposed to be steel bridges on the Gotham streets. Like where Ed was when he murdered that guy. Bullock is there to show the size.

 photo DSC00854 600 x 400.jpg

The next picture is the original ebay offer. I managed to get the black struts off that base/ramp with brutal force. I have no need to use the red catapult to let figures fly ;) I also will have use for the other ramp and huge TV screen.

 photo Ebay 438 x 441.jpg