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29 November 2029 @ 12:16 am

I guess you are here for the Action Figure Theater, right?

At the moment we do have lists of Stargate comics , Torchwood comics , Doctor Who comics, Arrow comics, Flash comics, Star Trek comics, Sherlock comics and John Barrowman comics .

And here is the list of all my customized actionfigures.

And my fanfiction masterlist

Hope you like it here! If you do, please leave feedback.
Have fun!

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22 January 2017 @ 07:18 pm
Yesterday I showed the beginning, today he got finished! I really love this look of Alfred with rolled up sleeves. He somehow looks more badass than in full formal suit. I also noticed that his tie is a bit more loose and the top button not closed ;)

Although looking at these pictures now, I guess I'll have to sand down the arms a bit more. They look quite lumpy, with the creases of the original suit sleeves still visible. Thing is, I can't make them too thin as the joints for the elbows and wrists need enough "meat" to not break.

 photo Alfred 1.jpg

 photo Alfred 2.jpg

The original hair was really awful. Too white at the bottom and too brown at the top, also thick brown eyebrows. I gave him his salt & pepper hair. Much better, innit? (<-- oh dear, now I even start to SOUND like Alfred...)

 photo Alfred 3.jpg
21 January 2017 @ 06:14 pm
I guess I'll have to buy a new Alfred, as I cut up this one - oops ;) He comes in a full suit but I want to make him in just his vest and rolled up sleeves, which he is often wearing in "Gotham". This is what he looked like before: Alfred Pennyworth

Taking off the jacket was easy, as it is made extra from gum.

 photo DSC06402.jpg

Then I cut down the shirt and jacket sleeves, which will become the naked arms. You have to be careful because the peg in the wrist needs still to work. But this is not the first time, remember David Tennant as Hamlet and in his Much Ado About Nothing uniform?

 photo DSC06426.jpg

With Milliput I added the rolled up sleeves and also the strap and buckle of the vest at the back, which leaves some creases. And I filled some of the wrinkles of the forearms. Tomorrow I'm going to paint him.

 photo DSC06509.jpg

 photo DSC06444_renamed_9228.jpg
I want a butler like Alfred. Not only does he cook and clean after you, he also protects you with his serious fighting skills! I mean, look at this: Fight Clip 1

Or this: Fight Clip 2

Or this, my very favorite and also the first one I saw. It combines serious drama with a little humor, when Alfred uses this street fight to teach Bruce a lesson: Fight Clip 3

I seem to have fallen suddenly and hard into fangirling now. Oh boy. I mean you know it has hit you hard when you start checking out youtube clips at 2 AM. Friendslist, you have failed this fangirl! Why has nobody ever told me about the awesomeness of Sean Pertwee? How have I managed to avoid him completely so far? Two seperate eclipses around the sun, it seems.

I wonder how he has managed to escape "Doctor Who" so far. I thought it is every British actor's duty to appear there. I sure would know him then. But with him living in New York now it does not seem likely in the nearby future.

I have seen him briefly at the beginning of "The Five(ish) Doctors" together with Olivia Coleman, but he was just "The son of Jon Pertwee" for me then. Too short to do a proper impression. Although it's funny how things come full circle as he is talking about "a thing in the states I can't talk about" which surely is meant to be "Gotham".

I also remember now seeing him in "Equlibrium" a few months ago but it was only a cameo and he was only speaking from screens, and it was dubbed in German so I didn't hear his lovely voice (which you can hear in the third clip I linked above). But I do remember indeed being impressed with his presence even from those short scenes. I should have checked him out then already.

What is also funny, in "Gotham" in German TV he is dubbed by the same guy that did Jack O'Neill from "Stargate SG-1", another silver fox I adored. There certainly is something about guys above 50! *Swoon*
So there was already a familiarity about him. But I love the original voice, so deep and raspy. I wonder if he helps writing his dialogues, to get all the "Blimey" and "Oh dear" in? ;)

He is one of those actors that I always seem to fall for: Those that can convey so much with just a glance, with a look, without saying anything. Here is one example from him being intense and captivating in the British short series "Bodyguards" from 1996, seven episodes I look forward to watch completely:

 photo Unbenannt.jpg

See what I mean? As Alfred, he is also pushing all my buttons with trying to keep a straight and professional face, trying to act hard and detached, but failing every so often and the emotions come through. The scenes with him and Bruce are one of the best things of this series. They have great chemistry. Alfred is suddenly finding himself having to raise a child, so it is a struggle for him trying to find the right way.

Also I found this when looking yesterday. No idea where this is from but I'll sure find out LOL!

 photo Pertwee Sean 009a.jpg

There is also a picture of the souther regions. Don't worry, you can click on the link, there is no nekkidness. It's rather funny. Here you go: Link
kanarek13 is this the sock Matt keeps talking about? LMAO Also, Sean seems to channel Matt in that he dies in many of his roles. At least Alfred is safe as long as there is no Batman yet.

Anyway, not sure what this post wants to say other than to ask if there are Sean fangirls on my friends list and to tell you, I am with you now. And those that started to watch "Gotham" and then stopped, maybe you want to try again. And if you only skip to all the Alfred & Bruce scenes. They're worth it. Trust me. In any case, I am blown away and now have to add another guy to the list of guys I am already juggling. Sean, Vic, Tom, Karl, Bill, Matt, David, John...

Going for the casual nonchalant look:

 photo 2014NewYorkComicConDay4BcNteY4HozUl.jpg
14 January 2017 @ 10:53 pm
There was a new modern Winnetou three-parter on German TV over Christmas and it has brought back my love for Western film melodies. When I was a teenager I had a huge love for the Wild West. If you like famous Western film melodies, please check this playlist. It's a record that was done in Czechoslovakia in 1975 and I used to play it countless times. Such things were so rare in East Germany and I really adored it.

Listening to it right now, after all this time I still was able to sing every note and knew exactly which song would be next. Wonderful melodies played by a huge orchestra.

These are the songs:

- The Big Country (Another Day, Another Sunset)
- How The West Was Won
- Once Upon A Time In The West (Harmonica)
- For A Few Dollars More
- Mackenna's Gold
- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
- The Magnificent Seven
- High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling)
- The Fastest Guitar Alive (Rollin' On)
- The Alamo (The Green Leaves Of Summer)
- Der Schatz im Silbersee
- North To Alaska

14 January 2017 @ 05:55 pm
Today I have a double feature for all the "Sherlock" fans! First, have you seen that google maps now has added inside pictures to North Gower Street? You can view Sherlock's flat in 360° and also walk into the kitchen. Here's the link:


A while ago I also saw the inside of the TARDIS when you click at the one at Earl's Court.

Secondly, in last week's "Sherlock" episode "The lying Detective" an eagle eyed fan found a postcard from "Torchwood" on the mantelpiece. Here you can see a screenshot: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2017-01-14/did-you-spot-the-torchwood-easter-egg-in-sherlock

So of course I had to react to that! So I created this:

 photo DSC06170 - Text.jpg

 photo DSC06244.jpg
My quest on finding unusual uses for the Baker Street door continues (just posing Sherlock in front of it is boring, everyone's doing that) so I let Kirk and Spock have a little vacation trip!

 photo Museum - Text 462 x 600.jpg
10 January 2017 @ 10:32 pm
A lovely person from the Netherlands has sent me these Tribbles! They come in various sizes and work both with the big as well as with the small figures. They're really fuzzy!
For those not in the know - the TOS episode with the Tribbles is one of the most famous and funniest. The Tribbles first were cute but then multiplied and where EVERYWHERE. It's also the episode where Kirk makes the best faces. Here he is being showered with Tribbles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bprgl_4z6gY

 photo Tribbles 3 600 x 557.jpg

 photo Tribbles 1 600 x 554.jpg

This last picture happened after I already had stored all my Tribbles and figures away. And then I found the console and thought it might make a funny background, especially with an exasperated Scotty:

 photo Tribbles 2 549 x 600.jpg
08 January 2017 @ 09:20 am
The closest I will get to living in a big manor and have a butler - Alfred Pennyworth! He comes with a huge fireplace. Alfred, played by Sean Pertwee, is one of the best things of this series. He's also quite a fighter. But I'll have to repaint his hair, as it looks awful like this. It should be darker grey on top and lighter grey at the sides, but this looks as if he had the backside shaved!

I did a test whether he can serve the silver tea tabled. He can hold it better than Ianto.

I got him very cheap, did you know there is something like Amazon warehouse deals? The box was a bit bent but as I take them out anyway, I didn't mind. Did cost me only about 10 Euros, instead of at least 24 or even well over 30. And they had a sale on DVDs too, so for 6 Euros more I got the DVD with the David Tennant movie "What we did on our holidays". And it all without shipping. Great deal!

Amazon is weird though. I ordered both on January 3rd. I get a mail on the 5th telling me that the DVD has been sent and will arrive Saturday. I get a mail at the 6th telling me that Alfred has been sent and will arrive on Monday. In the end, both things arrived on Saturday, in separate parcels.

Anyway, on with the pictures! More behind the cut, as usual.

More pictures behind the cutCollapse )

 photo DSC05763.jpg
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07 January 2017 @ 12:40 pm
Today something from Mulder & Scully! I bought the Big Foot to be changed into a Mugato from Star Trek, but he should have at least one adventure before that.

 photo BigFoot1.jpg

 photo BigFoot2.jpg
06 January 2017 @ 06:14 pm
Yesterday we got our first snow of the winter. I did not want to take the same pictures like last year (of my street and the little park where I work), you can see them here if you like: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/187916.html

We usually don't get snow for very long in Dresden so deep down in the valley, so it is always exciting for children. After work I did a quick walk in our big park in the city center.

The ducks and swans have only a small piece of lake left to swim in:

 photo DSC05596.jpg

I was looking whether it was safe already to get the skates out, but maybe better not:

 photo DSC05605.jpg

The building at the other side is a little restaurant / café called "Carolaschlößchen" (the lake is called Carolasee, named after our last queen)

 photo DSC05607.jpg
04 January 2017 @ 12:21 pm
Masterlist for Gotham action figure theatre

Scenes from the pilot Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Tumblr Twitter1 Twitter2
Selina feeding cats, Jim fighting with a trash can lid, shooting Penguin at the docks


Wave 2 - Alfred Pennyworth Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Wave 1 - Selina Kyle, Det. Jim Gordon, The Penguin Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Tumblr Twitter
03 January 2017 @ 10:41 pm
So, to get me started, here are the first proper pictures I took with my Gotham figures. I need to get the hang of the characters yet, so I only re-created some scenes from the pilot for now.

Selina feeding some street cats:

 photo DSC04823.jpg

Jim Gordon defending himself in a fight with the help of some trash can lids. The lids of the ones in the display cannot be taken off, he uses one I bought from Wresting figures here:

 photo DSC05054-1.jpg

 photo DSC05054-2.jpg

Jim being supposed to shoot the Penguin at the docks - will he or will he not?

 photo DSC05127.jpg