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29 November 2029 @ 12:16 am

I guess you are here for the funny pictures with action figures, right? Here are some links to get you started:

Star Trek action figure pictures: Star Trek

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Pictures for the Sixth Scale Universe competitions: Sixth Scale Universe

Funny figure pictures with John Barrowman: John Barrowman

And here is the list of all my customized actionfigures and props.

And my fanfiction masterlist

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I just remembered something about the Stuttgart con that nobody has told yet. I think. I hope I am allowed to ;) I actually wrote it down as it was so hilarious.
John told the story from "Children of Earth", where Ianto dropped the concrete cube and then Jack is standing there naked. And he had women sanitary pads taped to the soles of his feet so they would not get cut in the rubble. He asked us what that word means in German, and everyone shouted "Binden". So he continued to tell his story in a mixture of English and German: "So I was walking with zwei Binden on me Fuss... and with water Bindens get bigger!"
We all were cracking up at the time including him, and he said he'll never forget this word now.

To have this post not without a picture, I am adding my sandwich with John and Stephen, done in May in London. When I declared that I wanted a sandwich, John said he loved sandwiches. Stephen did not say anything ;)

06 Arrow (600 x 475)
12 July 2017 @ 11:05 am
I made a surfing Sean! I called it "The last wave". A little memory of "Blue Juice". The figure is actually a Spike figure (from Buffy), I just put Alfred's head onto it.



11 July 2017 @ 01:36 am
You know what is really funny? Ever since I started to watch the original Star Trek two years ago (because I had watched one of the new movies with Benedict Cumberbatch) I keep reading that Kirk is like Horatio Hornblower. All this time this name meant nothing to me. Never heard of him before. Wasn't part of my upbringing in East Germany.

A few weeks ago I finally started to watch "Forever" just because that Ioan Gruffud guy I equally never had heard of also was supposed to be at Comic Con Germany, and I did not want to regret afterwards to not have taken a picture with him. I had heard of "Forever" in our "Torchwood" group, that this guy was like Jack Harkness and always comes back after death, but never checked it out. Well, sadly he cancelled, as I am enjoying myself immensely with this series right now. Too bad there is only one season.

So again (when will I ever learn?) I made the mistake to look up Ioan Gruffud on youtube. Turns out I HAVE seen him before in the "Amazing Grace" movie that I once watched because of Benedict Cumberbatch. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the way I watch TV! Wasn't much interested in the "Almost Human" series with a cop and his robot partner, then someone told me that this was actually Karl Urban, you know, how could you not know this... and bam!

So, just now I found this. It's not so much a series, more like 8 TV movies, and from the few clips I saw so far, it looks amazing. Can't wait to watch it properly. Why do I always find these things way past midnight? Can someone tell me?

So, if you are an Ioan Gruffud fan (he plays the main role of Hornblower in case I did not mention that) or a Kirk fan that wants to get educated, here is the first part.
And I just looked who else is in there. Now where have I heard the name Jamie Bamber before? Right, he was in "Star Trek Continues" once... ;)


(see alumfelga I can do it just as well as you!)
10 July 2017 @ 06:12 pm
In the Academy, Kirk's nickname was "A stack of books with legs". Look what I got him! This is a stack indeed, not single books.

And then you could take a picture with Wolverine... not Hugh Jackman but close enough! He looked amazing! Of course I went for the trademark biceps touch LOL

DSC05587 (400 x 600)

Also you could do a mugshot. Both things were done for free as a promotion for the new movie.

201707021556470790513 (400 x 600)
I won! The second picture was my entry for the June contest of "Moving on" and we got some really great pictures with all kind of vehicles there. But mine won first place! This is the fifth time that I have won. I am now get to be the header of the Sixth Scale Universe Facebook group for the next month.

DSC05127 - Text

DSC05172 - Text

08 July 2017 @ 09:10 am
The only reason to go to this convention was John Barrowman. I did either not know or not care for the others that were there. And I did in general not care for all the comics and comic artists and professional cosplayers. But John alone and his panels were worth the weekend (and some other guy that I will show you yet).

First day I asked for a "nice prom photo" and then John took over. "Stand to the side, put your hand here, put your other hand there..."


Next day I was back in my jeans ;) I had seen this pose at a convention a few years back and it was still missing from my collection. Cheeky ;)


And then we realized that with all our hugs and bum-up-front pictures we actually have none that shows the awesome Dalek Pride shirt John wore. So we went back into line to buy one more picture. My friend was before me and explained what she wanted, and when it was my turn John just asked: "Same?" and I answered: "Same." That's all it took. We are getting very professional there ;)

05 July 2017 @ 07:06 pm
So while John Barrowman was looking at shiny cars in the Stuttgart Mercedes museum over the weekend and wrote "I want" to each of his pictures, Sean Pertwee actually got himself a new shiny car. He posted with the words "New Whip 'n Sh*t Rims & Tings . #papagotabrandnewcar "
Boys and their toys ;)

After my ordinary hug with Sean I got more bold and asked if he could flex his biceps for me. I even mirrored the pose to underline what I meant. Before I could finish my sentence he fell into it as if he never had done anything else in his life. I then asked if I could touch as well (I have done this pose with others at other cons before and it has become a trademark of mine. Look at John Barrowman and Vic Mignogna doing the same pose for me for comparison!

I love his face in it! So cute!
When I came with this picture to the autograph table, Sean looked at it and kept saying "I love this. I love this." He was totally gobsmacked. He probably still would stand there if I hadn't pushed on for more conversation. Guess not many have asked for unusual poses before! But I got out my customized Alfred action figure and then he really lit up. "Oh, it's you!" He had retweeted some of my pictures in the week before the con.

I showed the one where I recreated the scene with Alfred cooking breakfast for Jim and when he opened two eggs with both hands. I said that I loved that and that I had heard he could cook. And he said that yeah he had started in McDonalds and ended up as a sous chef. I also mentioned the cooking scene in "Leon the pig farmer" but I'm not sure if he heard me.

03 Sean

This is what I had most looked forward to. I warned Sean on Saturday at the autograph table that the next day I would bring an apron and if that was okay. He had no objections. When I came into the room, I already wore my apron and held his out to him. His eyes literally lit up: "Oh, is that for me?" Like a little boy at Christmas LOL He put it over his head but then fumbled a bit with the strings at the back so I went and tied the bow, as they were very thin.
I then tried to tell him which pose I wanted but he was way ahead of me and already standing like this. Sadly somehow while fumbling at his backside I must have bent down and without realizing my own apron rode up a bit so looks a bit funny at the top.

After the picture he tried to take it off but chose the wrong end and then it was stuck and knotted. So I got to fumble around his backside a bit more, embarrassed. I did not really enjoy it ;) Finally I had it off. I know some of you are a bit jealous now *teasing*

At the autograph table I asked if he could write anything in German, if he spoke German but he said no. So he came up with the "A cup of tea, miss?" and I love it as I totally can hear it in his Alfred voice! You too?

07 Sean
21 June 2017 @ 08:48 am
Today (June 21st) is World Giraffe Day. Here are two Giraffes I have drawn. The first is one of a series of animals looking straight at the camera, I found the picture in a magazine. It's done with water colors.

The second is a bit more lazy, I used transparent paper to get the lines from the original photography right, and then filled with wax crayons. I've always loved simple silhouette pictures, a black foreground against a colorful background.

 photo Giraffe1.jpg

 photo Giraffe2.jpg
I don't think we ever saw Harvey on a bike but I do think he is totally the type for it! Also he is the first figure that is not stiff and fits properly and naturally on it. Kirk was not able to spread his legs and more stood than sat, and he couldn't reach the foot rests either.

16 June 2017 @ 06:25 pm
Three weeks already since I was in London at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. But with everything happening in the UK lately I did not feel like fannish posts. I want to show my pictures to you though, so here are the first two with Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz! Many more to come. I want to say that this convention was well organized, everything ran smoothly, even the bag checks because of hightened security. I never felt unsafe.

When I came into the room, Sean was just wiping his forehead with a handkerchief. It was very hot that Saturday morning, you can see it on my face. Later they must have found the air condition and it felt cooler. They also greeted everyone by handshake and asked how they were, that was nice! The photosession went smoothly but did not feel rushed.
I asked for the boxing pose and went into position and then kept hearing David saying beside me: "Sean, did you see the shirt, did you see the shirt!" He was really excited about it. And Sean said that yeah, he had seen it. "The Good, The Bad, The Butler!"
At the signing table I asked David how it felt having your own action figure. He said that it was awesome! I then showed him some of the action figure pictures that have Bruce in it and he loved them.

01 Gotham

Sean Pertwee the second. After the double photo with David Mazouz had ended, we went back into the same room for solo pictures. (After Sean we also met Drew and Robin in this same room. I guess the photographer and the guy who collected the photo tickets knew me well by the end LOL)
I started simple and asked if I could get a hug. Wanted to slowly work my way up to more crazier poses.
My friend was before me and she had the same shirt like I, only in blue. When he saw her he exclaimed "I love that shirt" and she got the pose with him pointing at his image on it.

02 Sean