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01 March 2017 @ 08:30 am
Someone posted a picture of a miniature toilet and I learnt something that I didn't know before. In America the sign carved into the wood of the door is a crescent moon. In Germany it is heart shaped. Now I wonder which shapes there are in other countries? Please do tell my international friends!

The German version also is lovingly referred to as "Herzlhäusl" (hearthouse)

Here is the post of the guy on FB, hope you can see it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1675907215955924/permalink/1872781079601869/

And here is the German version, used in my garden scene: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/156252.html
27 February 2017 @ 10:55 pm
I love when a plan comes together! On the top you see the small box I used at first for the tiny "Gotham" accessoires. It was just fine but it bothered me that I couldn't fit Penguin's umbrella into it and was afraid it would get lost. So I went to look for a box of similar size but with one long compartment. I didn't want a bigger one like I have for other fandoms, as there isn't enough to put into yet. I found one where I can put up the walls any way I want. Here's my new box!

 photo Box 400 x 600.jpg
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First try with the Extreme Sets background.
Bullock and Gordon find a dead woman in a dumpster. I couldn’t decide which color I like best.

 photo 03-blau.jpg

 photo 04-lila.jpg

 photo 04-lila.jpg

 photo 02-gruumln.jpg
25 February 2017 @ 10:56 pm
I got the Deranged Alley set from Extreme Sets and it is most cool! Check here if you want to see what else is available: http://extreme-sets.com/

It's just cardboard but looks really good. There is a subway station, several sci-fi themed things, sewers, a haunted house, Asian paper walls... I thought this alley would go greatly with my new love for Gotham figures, and possibly also the Arrow figures.

I can't wait to play properly with it. You can set it up in many different ways.

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 photo DSC08607.jpg
22 February 2017 @ 11:37 pm
Guys! Guys! I am very excited to introduce my new project! An old warehouse. Ever since this blogpost a while back I have been collecting all kind of things with interesting shapes.

Here we have a round cardboard box that once held cheese. I cut a hole into the bottom and added some wire mesh. Then we have a milk can shaped tin that once held sweets. I took the top off and turned it bottom up. Because of the existing labels that cannot be removed due to glue, I just added danger warning labels on it. First step of many, more to come!

 photo WH01.jpg
20 February 2017 @ 10:50 pm
I realized that I haven't yet properly introduced Figma David from the table museum line. I already have the Thinker and Venus de Milo.

He's very flexible. Even his hair moves! And the toes. And he comes with a second face where you even can move the eyeballs with a stick. When I did that, one popped out and rolled over the floor. I was afraid I never would find it again but I did. An experience I'd rather not repeat!

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 photo DSC04262.jpg
19 February 2017 @ 10:16 pm
NECA asked on Twitter to put your figures into the snow. I did and only realized afterwards that I had mixed it up, as these table museum statues are done by Figma and I actually don't (yet) own any NECA ones. With so many others like QMX and Mezco etc. it can get confusing LOL So anyway, here's my David in the snow. Thanks to my friend Sarou he was at least warm.

 photo DSC07642 590 x 600.jpg
I've never watched "Buffy" or "Angel" (aside of that famous musical episode) but I have bought quite a few of their figures over the years, as fodder for customs, or as stand-ins.

- Wesley became Jack O'Neill in blue Air Force uniform

- Willow became Carole Barrowman

- Hawaiian Spike and Angel became Jack and Daniel from "Stargate"

- Wesley and Tara were used as stand-ins for Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen
(I actually have three Wesley-Malcolms - in suit, in tux and in leather jacket with stubble)

Today I used Angel from "The Ring" to make a Jim Gordon in wifebeater shirt, which he quite often sports in the "Gotham" TV series. Easiest custom ever, just a simple headswap. To learn how to do it and see more detailed pictures, please click the cut!

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 photo Twitter.jpg
16 February 2017 @ 01:22 am
It's destiny, I tell ya! Many decades ago, my mother had gotten this lion statue. No idea where, I need to ask. And some less decades ago I asked if I could have it, for no particular reason. I never did do anything with it, other than marvel at it. And what do I see right now while watching "Gotham" episode 3x02? Do you see it, there in front of the fireplace? Isn't that karma? The original seems to be white (marble?) while mine is golden but close enough!

I'm not even sure if I can file that under "customizing" as I didn't do anything. The funny thing is that a few days ago I was going through my boxes, and thinking "this would make a good accessory for Wayne Manor".

Now I need to also find an elephant statue in the show, as that is the other thing I have from that set... LOL

 photo Loumlwe Kamin 600 x 600.jpg

 photo Loumlwe-Screenshot 600 x 337.jpg
My entry for the word "Romance". I usually don't do romantic/shippy pictures so that is always a hard one. But I had an epiphany while thinking about the contest word. Not all romances are happy or mutual ones.

In season 3 of "Doctor Who", the Doctor still babbles on about Rose who he lost a while ago, and is oblivious to Martha's pining. And there is this beautiful scene where he walks away and Jack notices what is up because he feels the same. I always loved that one. So much said with so little words.

I felt that my usual speech bubbles would be too intrusive for this tender picture so I went with this style of text.

 photo Romance - Text 600 x 478.jpg
Finally I can show you what I have worked on during the past days! I made beams to match the look of the "Gotham" police precinct. It's all done from scratch. I am very happy about how they came out! Please check the step-by-step pictures behind the cut where I explain it all how I did it.

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And here is a complete scene with desk, pillars and files:

 photo DSC08009.jpg

11 February 2017 @ 01:01 am
I really enjoy reading this prequel to the "Gotham" series. It's called "Dawn of Darkness" by Jason Starr. Very well written and you can really hear the character voices.

So here's how to do a really quick, easy and lazy book ;)

I scanned and printed the cover from the real book. And figured why not use pages that are already glued together? From an old notepad for example? Just take off as many pages however thick you want your book to be, be careful to not destroy the glued part at the edge, then glue the cover around the edge and cut it. Voilá. Book done.

 photo DSC07671 600 x 456.jpg

 photo Ausschnitt 600 x 568.jpg
07 February 2017 @ 10:32 pm
A scene from "Gotham" episode 2x14. Alfred needs help. I kept it spoiler free for your sake ageless_aislynn Maybe once you watch that episode, you'll think of me ;)

It's no secret that I love a little bit of whumping with my heroes. In the beginning of me watching "Gotham", Jim Gordon was the one getting hurt in every other episode. I already got all my Wrestling accessories ready for a lot of scenes - who would've thought that now Alfred the butler was the one who is going to use them? A LOT? LOL

 photo DSC07543 - Text 600 x 400.jpg