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29 November 2029 @ 12:16 am

I guess you are here for the funny pictures with action figures, right? Here are some links to get you started:

Star Trek action figure pictures: Star Trek

Gotham action figure pictures: Gotham

Doctor Who action figure pictures: Doctor Who

Torchwood action figure pictures: Torchwood

The Wolverine action figure pictures: The Wolverine

Spiderman action figure pictures: Spiderman

Stargate SG-1 action figure pictures: Stargate SG-1

Sherlock action figure pictures: Sherlock

Arrow action figure pictures: Arrow

The Flash action figure pictures: The Flash

Pictures for the Sixth Scale Universe competitions: Sixth Scale Universe

Funny figure pictures with John Barrowman: John Barrowman

And here is the list of all my customized actionfigures and props

And my fanfiction masterlist

Hope you like it here! If you do, please leave feedback.
Have fun!

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15 June 2019 @ 07:06 am
All that's left of her.

08 June 2019 @ 02:51 pm
- "For the last time, Mulder, Nessie does not exist!"


- "Oh hello there, little fella!"


08 June 2019 @ 08:51 am
"Put it there, put it there!"
Poor Scotty, against Kirk and Spock combined he has no chance!

I won 1st place in the Sixth Scale Universe April competition "Fun & Games"!

29 May 2019 @ 10:08 pm
Calling all Terry Pratchett and David Tennant fans! hamsterwoman aletheiafelinea alumfelga

So here is how I saw David Tennant yesterday. Back in November I had bought tickets to see Tom Hiddleston in theatre for yesterday. All day long I was fretting whether I would be quick enough out the door to make it to stage door in time for a picture with him.

Before we went to the theatre, I met with a friend for lunch at Leicester Square. Only when we got there we found that the TGI Friday's we had wanted to go to was closed off. Barriers everywhere and they were setting up a big screen. She casually mentioned that it was the "Good Omens" premiere that day. I had no idea!

We went to have dinner nearby and when we left around 6.30 PM we saw cars drive in and people getting out. And right after we arrived David arrived too. We were so stunned, none of us had any photo camera ready when he got out of the car, but he was right in front of us. So you only can see pictures from far away or from the screen, sorry! Afterwards we also saw Neil Gaiman and Mark Gatiss - I recognized him as well. Man, he's tall! Then we had to leave for Tom. No idea who we missed before or after. The theatre is just between Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus, so the two men were only about some hundred meters afar from each other. What a day!

Oh, and I got my picture with Tom Hiddleston too. But that story is for another day!

David doing pictures:


David signing autographs (we saw the people gathering there at 4 PM already. We thought about skipping lunch and joining them but then it was a very off chance and we were hungry):


David being interviewed - we couldn't hear anything from where we stood:


Neil Gaiman being interviewed:


Mark Gatiss getting out of the car:


No, I have no idea what he is doing here:




17 May 2019 @ 11:51 pm
Beautiful day for a hike.



Who here knows this guy? ;)
Introduction: Don Carter, played by William Shatner, in the famous Twilight Zone episode "Nick of Time"
I think this is a convention exclusive as usually these figures are just black and white but I wanted the devil in red.
He is so tiny though, I had hoped he could meet his other self as Captain Kirk.





25 April 2019 @ 10:42 pm
Tonight airs the last episode of "Gotham" and I want to thank everyone for 5 wonderful years.
This is the picture of the last day of filming back in December.


And the original!


22 April 2019 @ 10:43 am
Penguin wishes Happy Easter! He's decorating with eggs he found in his mother's estate.
I got the eggs from an Ukrainian friend.

Actually in the show Gertrud Kapelput was said to be Austrian-Hungarian, but other Batman sources also have her be the daughter of Russian immigrants. So I hope the eggs are somewhat fitting.

Also thank you vjezkova for the Easter card!

Alfred cutting his mouth into a Joker smile with a razor while laughing maniacally was probably the most disturbing and frightening scene of the whole of "Gotham" for me. Thankfully Selina found the real Alfred in a closet later.
(I bought a Christmas stocking and sewed the bag from that)



01 April 2019 @ 07:44 am
"I've drawn you a bath, Master Bruce."
"But where is the water, Alfred?"
"I said, I drew you a bath! April Fool!"

(Original idea from the Batman animated series)

Bathtub and sink from the lovely athousandsmiles! Finally I could use them! They are too small for the bigger figures but fine with small Bruce.

Sometimes you need an old fashioned tool to get the job done.
Scotty inherited this ancient toolbox from his grandfather. Now let's see what's under the hull?

31 March 2019 @ 10:59 am
Shoutout to all mothers on Mother's Day for balancing work and family life so well!