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Penguins in the snow

Every year I am buying one of those funny wooden penguins at the Christmas market. One is surfing, one has a swim ring and a thermometer for the water temperature ;)

This is the snow I have used for the recent pics, it's a powder, then you add water and it grows!







Customizing: Christmas sweaters

I have been looking for Christmas sweaters for years. Yesterday I found these tree ornaments. But there was only one sweater pattern so I bought the two socks as well, and today I cut out and sewed on different patterns so Kirk, Spock and McCoy all would have slightly different sweaters. All while listening to Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Seth MacFarlane. Lovely afternoon!

I have some leftovers which I will keep, I could make pillows or something for the sofa.