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Introduction: Mattel Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park, Amber Collection)

I saw this Ian Malcolm on a friend's Instagram and couldn't resist. There are many others in different sizes out there, but the small ones look cheap and don't have much articulation. This is the first that I thought looks really good. He's 6" and comes from the new "Amber collection".

I'm not into any other Jurassic Park stuff but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do! Who can resist Jeff Goldblum? I'm sure we'll have fun together.






Hauls: Black Cat set

I have been eyeing this for years, finally I got the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Black Cat set for a good price loose.

Mainly for the diorama with the American style window that can be opened. Our windows here are much different, they whole window fully opens sideways, or you can just tilt the top to let in a little air.
I also love the stack of money and all the other things going into the safe.



And at the outside you can put Spiderman onto the wall:



Customizing: Shopping bags

I got this wonderful idea to make shopping bags from clothes labels from our dollhouse group. Just the other day I had bought some clothes so I went to work today. I even added some bottoms and sides with paper to make them bigger.

Look at the dark grey Rabe label, it even brought its own "foldable bottom" with it!

Even the black drawstring for the handle is re-used from the label. Nothing gets thrown away!

Check out Sanny's original entry: