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Today arrived a bow and arrows

bloodsong13t and niviene I need your help! And that of anyone else who knows about bows.
I swear I actually was searching for the Arrow figures when I stumbled about this and couldn't resist. It is an 1:6 bow which I think looks a bit like Malcolm Merlyn's. Please click the LJ cut to see all the pictures!

I think this is what you call a compound bow. I wonder where exactly you put the nook of the arrow? Into which of the three strings? Only one? Two? All of them?

 photo P4260008.jpg

When you pull the string, the little wheel moves and pushes the other string a bit forward. I have no idea how that helps you with shooting an arrow though!

 photo P4260009.jpg

You can actually put your arrows into the holders:

 photo P4260010.jpg

Is it easier to get them out there than having them in the quiver at the back? And why are there five nooks at the top but only four holes at the bottom? That makes the arrows not go straight but bend a little. Weird.

 photo P4260011.jpg

 photo P4260012.jpg

The quiver is awesome though, it has even two pockets with real zips which can be opened. Not sure what to put in there though?

 photo P4260005.jpg

The knife goes into the leg holster, which even has strings so you can attach it to the leg.

 photo P4260006.jpg

This little thing there that sticks out to the side is able to move, you can turn it, but I have no idea what you need it for?

 photo P4260013.jpg

Anyway, amazing bow!

 photo P4260003.jpg

 photo P4260002.jpg
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