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Comment fic for "How I met my father" - Arrow (Thea, Malcolm)

GUYS! I GOT COMMENT FIC! If you liked my recent story "How I met my father" , check the entry again and especially the comment section! bloodsong13t got inspired and continued the scene, with answering the burning question Thea (and we all) has: Where the hell was Malcolm?!?

You also can read it here on

Or here on AO3:

How awesome that there is a button for "inspired by" and it even links back to the other entry. Also in my story is a link now to this chapter 2. I love it! And I love this chapter 2, the way Malcolm is written, I always get the urge to hug him.

And while we're at it, check also out his story "Arrow: Green and Black". It has several chapters and starts here:

It's a really well written AU, beginning at the end of season one where the Undertaking is not happening but Malcolm and Oliver actually start to work together, trying to find another way. You will find that Malcolm is not just the evil guy we all think he is, but of course can't keep his fingers from manipulating entirely also. I can highly recommend it!
Tags: arrow, fic

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