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My Hamlet action figure story is featured in the Shakespeare magazine

Big honor for me - the new Shakespeare magazine is out, with a lovely post about David Tennant and fans writing about their theatre experience - and four pages of my Torchwood and Doctor Who figures doing the Hamlet play. They can be found on pages 18-21, and on page 46 is a picture of me and a little biography I had to write. Not easy to talk about yourself in only 70 words!

I knew about this for a while but didn't want to say anything before I could show you the picture - now I know what John Barrowman feels like when he has to be quiet about something! It isn't easy when you are excited and want to tell the world ;)

There is a link at the end to my LJ to see the complete story - they asked me to select only 12 pictures but there are 36 altogether. However, the link is in two lines and therefore not clickable, here is the right one:

Have fun! There is another page after the linked one, just turn the page:

 photo 11-2Buch.jpg

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