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Souvenirs from London - Noah's Ark in pewter

sgamadison asked to post something, so I am posting something ;) I bought this at Pollock's Toyshop in London, in Covent Garden, which has lovely old fashioned toys. Have a look when you are in the area! I already had loved this last year, but didn't have the money with me (60 GBP) but this year I went for it.

 photo Arche01600x450.jpg

We do have: Zebras, hippos, peacocks, kangaroos, lions:

 photo Arche02600x427.jpg


 photo Arche03600x445.jpg

Giraffes, elephants, polar bears, gorillas:

 photo Arche04600x484.jpg

Noah and his wife:

 photo Arche05600x472.jpg

These are tiny and cute, you have no idea how tiny they are! To show you, I laid a match for comparison. Also, note the butterflies on the roof of the ark:

 photo Arche06600x450.jpg

So, well worth the money, eh?

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