Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Fedcon 2014 - Rick, Amanda and Michael watched my Stargate music videos

The room for the panel with the three Stargate stars Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks was so full, they had to open a second one where the fans would be able to see the panel via video screen. To make up a bit for that, the stars first went there for some pictures and talk.

In the meantime, in the big room some music videos were shown - done by me and my brother. I had sent them in but had no idea whether they actually would make it to the screen, so I was happily surprised. And the audience loved them, laughed several times and cheered at the end. Especially for the "Holzmichel".

I have been told now that the three stars did see a bit of this video as well, without sound, just the subtitles, and were very puzzled about what was going on. Too bad I had no idea about this; I could have told Amanda at the autograph table. Next time! Maybe I should bring some CDs with me ;) If any of you want to see my videos, please sent me a message and I'll see what I can do! Here are some pictures of my five minutes of fame - this is now the how many time? I lost count ;)

Many thanks to you-know-who-you-are and Mericet for providing me with those pictures! Highly appreciated!

 photo wp_20140530_20_13_06_nyxx4600x338.jpg

 photo wp_20140530_20_13_15_kwbwg600x338.jpg

 photo P1000397600x450.jpg

 photo wp_20140530_20_13_39_3gx6t600x338.jpg

 photo wp_20140530_20_14_00_xdag4600x338.jpg

 photo P1000403600x450.jpg
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