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AFT Stargate/Atlantis: Part 2 of Soccer Space cup - Earth against Aliens

part 1 was here

It seems that I got some of the technical terms wrong in my last entry? I had asked a dictionary and it told me to use "Defence" and "Striker", but a special soccer page now tells me it should be "back/fullback" and "forward" instead?

Okay, here are the new pictures - let's play soccer!

 photo SC16.jpg

 photo SC17.jpg

 photo SC18.jpg

 photo SC19.jpg

 photo SC20.jpg

(Note: the whistle is from my Baywatch Ken, so a bit big for Jack, but still, I was happy to have even a whistle!)

 photo SC21.jpg

 photo SC22.jpg

(Note: As soon as I lift one of their legs to do a pose of running or shooting, they are not able to stand anymore and fall over. So I grabbed him by the head with one hand to stabilize him while I was taking the picture with the other hand)

 photo SC23.jpg

 photo SC24.jpg

 photo SC25.jpg

 photo SC26.jpg

 photo SC27.jpg

 photo SC28.jpg

 photo SC29.jpg

 photo SC30.jpg

 photo SC31.jpg

 photo SC32.jpg

 photo SC33.jpg

To be continued: Part 3

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