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John Barrowman at the Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony

So I was at vacation this past week, I take it everyone on my friends list has already watched John singing at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony? If not, you really must. In case The Kiss has not made it to all of my American friends yet, here is a link on youtube, John's appearance starts right at 7:00 minutes.

He had been talking earlier in the year about something huge coming up and I was wondering as there were some huge things recently - him becoming regular in "Arrow", or receiving the MBE from the queen - but I guess this is what he meant. It was all a big secret, we only learnt about it from someone being at the rehearsal show.

And I was wondering what he was still doing on this side of the Atlantic, rather than being in Vancouver... at the moment he is in San Diego with the rest of the "Arrow" crew, having the usual fun ;)

I also have two more videos for you, when he was running with the baton two weeks ago:

And he also couldn't resist playing the drums:

I just realized that you can't really hear him play in this above video, which is more like an interview, so you have to watch his own video of it then:

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