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Another movie about Dresden - from the year 1990

You've watched the beautiful movie about Dresden which I posted here, now please also watch this one which was done in the year 1990, when the world was just starting to change. This is only a trailer for a DVD which I think I should buy. It really touches me how many things you can see that are long gone (and forgotten?) now.

At 0:07 you can see the memorial with Lenin and Thälmann right across the main train station, at the beginning of the shopping mile "Prager Straße". It's not there anymore, neither is the building behind it with the picture of the woman with the flowers. A memory of my childhood. New shopping centers are standing in its place now.

At 0:11 you see the other end of the same shopping mile, this was the one big shopping center. It has been taken down and a new one build in its place, but the aluminium combs were so iconic that they were included in the new one as well, to keep it as a memory.

The empty space you see at 0:15 is now occupied by - you might guess it - another shopping center. I really wonder who is buying all the things that get sold there? People don't actually have much money, you know.

The building at 0:18 is gone too because it was considered as too ugly (meaning, architecure from the 1960s). A new building has been built in its place which is looking exactly as the one that was there before.

The big place at 0:22 is called "Postplatz" and was one of the busiest places, with several trams crossing and people changing from one line to the next. Now this is an empty place, as the stations have been relocated somewhere else. The small round building you can see is called "Käseglocke" (like the glass thing that you put over a cheese) and used to sell tram tickets etc. It stood long empty, now a café is inside.

From 0:34 on you can see the ruins of the famous "Frauenkirche", the church that has been rebuilt now and even visited by President Obama when he was here. The modern building behind it was the police direction and also has been gone. On 0:46 you can see a big empty place, again with the ruin of the church in the middle. Many new houses which were made to look old are standing around this place now, with the church inside, to make it look like it used to be, with all the small streets. The guy on the memorial in the foreground is Martin Luther.

0:58 shows the big street where we always had our parades/demonstrations for the 1st of May.

1:02 shows the main big market place in the city center called "Altmarkt". In Dezember, Germany's oldest Christmas market is built here. You are looking towards the direction of the main station, if you would walk straight ahead. Where the trees stood, again new shopping centers and hotels and bank offices have been erected. You can't see it, but in the left corner of this place is the other famous church "Kreuzkirche". We have a famous boy choir, the Kreuzchor, which is touring the world quite often. Not so long ago they sang on the streets of New York to advertise Dresden!

The bananas at 1:14 shows that the movie was definitely shot after 1989 ;)

Then we switch to what I think is the Neustadt - we have an Altstadt (old city) and a Neustadt (new city), only that the Neustadt looks actually very old. This is what the old houses looked like before renovation and reconstruction started, and people actually lived in those under conditions you don't want to know (raining through the roof, the toilet outside the flat going a staircase down etc.) The Neustadt is also a place of a bit subcultur, people who like to live a bit different, artists, students, but also old people who lived there all their lives. Lots of pubs also.

1:41 shows an old Ikarus bus and also illustrates quite well how dirty our air was in the GDR times. No wonder people often were coughing and had chest problems.

From 1:47 on you can see what I think is Dresden-Gorbitz, the place I have lived for a big part of my childhood, and where my parents still live. Nowadays those flats/apartments are considered as bad, but as you just saw the old ruined houses, you surely can understand that getting one of those with warm water from the faucet and central heating was like a win in the lottery. But as you can see, while they had built the houses, nothing much else was built like streets or supermarkets. When we moved in in 1982, there was dirt and mud everywhere and no playing grounds either. A lot of these were then done by the people itself, it was part of getting one of those flats - you had to help make the environment better. My father was building garages for example. These flats belong to the railway cooperative and since both my parents worked for the railway, they got one. They also had to pay a bit money which they will get back if they ever leave.

2:21 shows the big old cereal/corn storage. A building by famous architect Erlwein. It has been reconstructed now and is used as a hotel for the nearby built congress center. I like it when they find new ways to use old buildings, instead of just destroying them.

2:24 shows the old trams, built in Czech Republic, we have modern ones now. Some of these old ones can still be seen around though. In the background is the famous cinema "Schauburg". And lots of Trabants and Wartburgs still on the street, also. You don't see them anymore. There is a city guide tour though where you can drive in your own Trabant car.

2:36 shows the more than 100 years old steel bridge "Blue Wonder" and on the right side and also at 2:37 the beer garden / restaurant "Schillergarten". This is where I want to take you, cowgrrl At the other side of the bridge is the "Villa Marie" which here looks still like a ruin, but is now a beautiful restaurant also. Both restaurants have been hit hard by the bad floods in 2002 and 2013.

2:55 shows the memorial for the Soviet soldier, which of course also is gone now. It was built into the ring of a fountain, which now is standing where it used to be. A similar fountain is at the other side of this place.

And now it gets really interesting. From 3:19 on you can see the old castle, which his right in the city center, and you can see that pretty much nothing but some walls was left of it. Nowadays, you can go in there again, it has all been reconstructed (although they are still not finished), lots of beautiful museums in there, especially the famous treasure chamber "Grünes Gewölbe" with lots of shiny things.

Yes, I think I really need to buy that movie. Let's not forget how it used to be - the good and the bad.

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