Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Small backpacks for my action figures

This entry is especially for my friend sharp2799 who is waiting for these pictures (edit: Since September oh my gosh). A while ago my brother informed me that the machines at our supermarket, where you usually get gums or other small things for an Euro, have small rucksacks and backpacks and I could not resist to try my luck. Out of six different versions, I managed to get five. Not bad, not bad at all.

Sadly, they are very stiff, so cannot actually be worn, but still will make a great addition to a picture. Although most of them seem to be school bags for kids. Jack did try the red one on, which was a bit more flexible (and does he know about flexible LOL) but I am afraid I can't do that too often, otherwise the straps (is that the right word?) might break.

 photo P8250013.jpg

 photo P8250016.jpg

 photo P8250018.jpg

 photo P8250019.jpg
Tags: action figures, hauls

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