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Pictures of the annual Lichtenhain Flower festival

Every year on the first Sunday in September my family visits the village Lichtenhain, as they celebrate their annual flower festival (Lichtenhainer Blumenfest). My grandmother was born in this village. Every year they have different theme, be it sports or fairytales. This year, the theme was Earth and the waggons represented different countries of the Earth. Enjoy the pictures! And click the LJ cut to see them all.

The whole village gets decorated with flowers, like this:

 photo P9070001.jpg

 photo P9070002.jpg

 photo P9070005.jpg

Beautiful view:

 photo P9070004.jpg

After paying the entry fee, you have to wear this (of course I wore a shirt with a flower on it ;) ):

 photo P9070010.jpg

A decorated fountain:

 photo P9070012.jpg

The parade is starting:

 photo P9070013.jpg

I love the horse decorations:

 photo P9070014.jpg

 photo P9070015.jpg

 photo P9070016.jpg

Young men with the flag:

 photo P9070017.jpg

Flower girls:

 photo P9070018.jpg

Of course there's music as well:

 photo P9070019.jpg

 photo P9070021.jpg

I also have a video for you:

The cock is the symbol of the village:

 photo P9070023.jpg

"Die Erde" - "The Earth"

 photo P9070024.jpg

 photo P9070025.jpg

 photo P9070026.jpg

 photo P9070027.jpg

So, first came Vikings:

 photo P9070028.jpg

 photo P9070029.jpg

Not quite sure which Asian country this is supposed to be but very funny idea:

 photo P9070033.jpg

Some more music:

Italy - Venice:

 photo P9070035.jpg

 photo P9070036.jpg

 photo P9070037.jpg

Something especially for me! North America:

 photo P9070038.jpg

Love the tipi!

 photo P9070040.jpg

 photo P9070041.jpg

 photo P9070045.jpg

This next boat is from the Spreewald, a region in Eastern Germany which is famous for its canals - you can go paddling there or get driven around in big boats like this one:

 photo P9070048.jpg

They also gave us some of the famous Spreewald pickles. I assume these riders are supposed to be the famous Easter riders, a Catholic parade taking place every easter in the Lausitz:

 photo P9070050.jpg

More music - kids this time:

 photo P9070052.jpg

The peace sign:

 photo P9070055.jpg

And lovely flower people following - really great fun!

 photo P9070056.jpg

 photo P9070057.jpg

Of course, there also is a waggon with the smallest ones:

 photo P9070058.jpg

Matrjoschkas - Russian nesting dolls:

 photo P9070059.jpg

 photo P9070060.jpg

And a Russian bear ;)

 photo P9070061.jpg

And this was the best part, something for my brother. An UFO!

 photo P9070063.jpg

And aliens:

 photo P9070064.jpg

 photo P9070121.jpg

 photo P9070127.jpg

The UFO was even occupied by a little green man:

 photo P9070120.jpg

And I loved ET and Elliott!

 photo P9070126.jpg
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