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Pictures of a wet and stormy Edinburgh

This entry is especially for fueschgast who recently was in Edinburgh as well and apparently had much better weather than I did!

When we were in Glasgow back in January for the Pantomime with John Barrowman we had planned a day trip to Edinburgh. Unfortunately it was the day with the worst storm and rain you can imagine. Lots of areas in the UK dealt with flooding at the time, it was really bad.

So here are some pictures of a very grey Edinburgh.

 photo P1010288.jpg

 photo P1010289.jpg

 photo P1010290.jpg

 photo P1010291.jpg

 photo P1010292.jpg

 photo P1010294.jpg

 photo P1010295.jpg

After we had walked up the steep hill to the castle, it was announced that it was closed for the day. The storm was so heavy, that they feared people would get blown over the railing. That's how bad it was. You could barely walk.

And there was a man standing in his kilt playing the bagpipes. In the rain.

 photo P1010296.jpg

 photo P1010297.jpg

 photo P1010299.jpg

 photo P1010300.jpg

My umbrella didn't survive the harsh conditions. I left it in Scotland.

I also saw people in rain coats which they clearly had bought in the tourist information or something, as they had the writing "Scotland" on them. Yeah. Says it all ;)

 photo P1010301.jpg

Another poor umbrella that didn't make it:

 photo P1030180600x450.jpg

So we went into the National Gallery. We did not take any pictures inside but I saw people taking some freely, apparently it is not forbidden?

I loved the paintings and the art but let's be honest, the best thing about this building was that it was dry and storm-free ;)

 photo P1030181600x450.jpg

Later I regretted we didn't, as I remembered that this is exactly where John Barrowman and his sister Carole had sat, looking for new paintings to use in their "Hollow Earth" book series, which I can highly recommend by the way.

 photo BEH2NxOCEAEQIIjjpglarge600x448.jpg

 photo P1010302.jpg

 photo P1010303.jpg

 photo P1010304.jpg

 photo P1010305.jpg

 photo P1010306.jpg

 photo P1010307.jpg

 photo P1010308.jpg

 photo P1010311450x600.jpg

 photo P1010310.jpg
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