Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Birthday gifts - picspam

Look what I got!

My hair dryer had broken so I asked for a new one (also my mother wanted the one she had lent to me back LOL)

 photo PA190013.jpg

This little fella was on one of the gifts:

 photo PA190022.jpg

Bedclothes with roses from my grandmother:

 photo PA190015.jpg

This magnet with a nice shiny Dresden silhouette is from my brother:

 photo PA190021.jpg

And cows should not be missed:-


 photo PA190016.jpg

And nice cards:

 photo PA190025.jpg

And of course, sweets:

 photo PA190024.jpg

Isn't that door mat lovely? A neighbour of my grandmother had it and I commented that I loved it. Apparently my father went and asked him where he got it and then went and got it for me. Awesome! Almost too nice to be used and get dirty!

 photo PA190010.jpg

All very thoughtful and nice gifts!
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