Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT: Torchwood/Dr. Who snow sculptures contest!

So, let's have some fun! Which team will win the snow sculptures contest in the end?

First entry is from Tosh and Gwen. They go for an old-fashioned snow man with a little twist:


"Tosh, no snowman from this century wants to wear a bucket anymore. Try this baseball cap, will you?"


"If you insist, Gwen!" Tosh sighed, but put on the cap (which read "Keep cool", no less!) anyway.



Meanwhile, what are Jack and Ianto up to? Come back tomorrow to find out! And the day after that it will be the turn of the team Doctor, Rose and Martha. Stay tuned and make your bets!

see part 2 - Jack and Ianto build a Dalek

see part 3 - the Doctor, Martha & Rose build a TARDIS

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