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Christmas decorations 2014 (picspam)

It's been three years since my first Christmas decorations post but I have gotten lots of new things since, so here is an update. Click the link to read some explanations though which I won't repeat this time.

The little house and the parcel can be lightened up:

 photo 141.jpg

 photo 1425.jpg

 photo 1426.jpg

 photo 1427.jpg

 photo 1428.jpg

 photo 1429.jpg

 photo 142.jpg

 photo 143.jpg

One day I am going to use this oven in an action figure theatre scene:

 photo 144.jpg

 photo 145.jpg

The candles in the background also lighten up and flicker like real candles:

 photo 1430.jpg

 photo 146.jpg

 photo 147.jpg

The little festive cable car is a gift from cowgrrl!

 photo 148.jpg

 photo 149.jpg

 photo 1410.jpg

Obviously, I love moose and reindeers:

 photo 1411.jpg

 photo 1412.jpg

 photo 1413.jpg

It's funny how I came to buy this music box. It's all John Barrowman's fault ;) He was in a QVC show to sell his HIM skin care (highly recommended by the way) and as he always does, sneaked into other scenes and they had these three lovely music boxes where he sang along with all the Christmas songs. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I bought all three and gave the others to my mother and brother.

 photo 1414.jpg

Real beeswax candles:

 photo 1415.jpg

 photo 1416.jpg

Told you I like moose...

 photo 1417.jpg

 photo 1418.jpg

My advent calendar! In 3-D! One of those where you open the windows you can see what they sell on the stalls etc. And the snowman will be finished. It's quite lovely.

 photo 1419.jpg

Still not finished with the moose...

 photo 1420.jpg

The candleholder at the right side displays our famous "Frauenkirche" in Dresden, which was left as a ruin for memorial of war and only got rebuilt during the past few years (reopened in 2006, even President Obama has visited there)

 photo 1421.jpg

The candleholder at the left does also lighten up:

 photo 1431.jpg

A sheep thrown in for good measure:

 photo 1422.jpg

And another reindeer:

 photo 1423.jpg

Of course, with all the moose we also need to have a cow:

 photo 1433.jpg

And snowflakes on my window!

 photo PB300166600x450.jpg

I decorated the TARDIS myself, the Dalek belongs to a set of tree ornaments from the BBC shop, my brother has the TARDIS.

 photo 1432.jpg
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