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AFT: The Doctor celebrates Nikolaus Day

Today is December 6th, that means it is Nikolaus Day in Germany. Don't know if other countries celebrate it as well. On the evening of December 5th, children are supposed to polish their shoes and then put them outside the door. The next morning, they will find them filled with sweets and nuts and an orange possibly. But if they weren't polished, you might find coal ;) You also put your Christmas wish list into it and then the Nikolaus will give it to Santa Claus.

The Doctor thought he would be clever in putting all shoes out he has, and thus receiving more than his fair share of sweets.

He even put on an apron to not make his shirt dirty.

 photo Nikolaus2.jpg

He really has a lot of shoes!

 photo Nikolaus3.jpg

 photo Nikolaus4.jpg

Doctor, watch out, the shoepolish is leaking!

 photo Nikolaus5.jpg

 photo Nikolaus6.jpg

And there is his Christmas wish list.

 photo Nikolaus7.jpg

Wonder what he wants? I can't read much more than "Dear Santa,"

 photo Nikolaus8.jpg

Wonder whether he really will get that many sweets? Maybe I'll do a conclusion next year ;)

 photo Nikolaus1.jpg
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