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Christmas gifts 2014

As every year, here are my Christmas gifts! Many small and nice things, nothing expensive, but I still do enjoy them a lot.

This is a very special advent calendar from my brother:

 photo PC270054.jpg

Because each window holds a magnet and you can decorate your Christmas room:

 photo PC270056.jpg

My brother got me an I-phone! (it's a rubber/eraser)

 photo PC270008.jpg

This is also from my brother, a table set:

 photo PC270005.jpg

Another addition to my cow collection:

 photo PC270022.jpg

A glass with owls (which I almost had gotten for my mother as well):

 photo PC270014.jpg

As you can see, this is for turning the eggs in the pan:

 photo PC270016.jpg

This is from my brother, a Christmas tree decoration. My grandmother got the Big Ben and himself he got a red Double decker bus. I forgot to take a picture of all three.

 photo PC270021.jpg

With the upcoming sniffle season, paper tissues are always welcomed!

 photo PC270018.jpg

The guy on the left was given to me by a friend recently. The guy on the right was a present from my mother. They are not exactly the same, but very alike:

 photo PC270050.jpg

My mother added an electrical tea light so it could shine in different colors:

 photo PC270078.jpg

 photo PC270076.jpg

 photo PC270075.jpg

This is an awesome London folder!

 photo PC270043.jpg

 photo PC270044.jpg

This is one of our "gag" presents - sea animals:

 photo PC270045.jpg

Expect the Doctor to eat a lobster soon:

 photo PC270048.jpg

Salt and Petter shaker:

 photo PC270026.jpg

An electrical tealight as a snow flake:

 photo PC270009.jpg

The snowflake has several colors:

 photo PC270070.jpg

 photo PC270068.jpg

 photo PC270064.jpg

 photo PC270066.jpg

 photo PC270065.jpg

A key ring with Rudolph - not sure if you can see it, but he sparkles:

 photo PC270031.jpg

A calendar about the moon (some of the pictures might be useable for action figure theatre backgrounds):

 photo PC270057.jpg

A while ago I bought the British version of this bag, now I got the American version:

 photo PC270024.jpg

This is the British version of the bag by the way:

 photo PC270080.jpg

 photo PC270003.jpg

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