Antje (dieastra) wrote,

The great haul - a Barbie kitchen

I got a Barbie kitchen for my figures. It is quite pink and some things need to be changed yet. Still, I got it rather cheap, so no complaining! Please help me identify some of the items? Also, here you can see how I already repainted the golden chair and the rather pink flower pots.

 photo PC280001.jpg

Only the fridge and the oven can be opened, no doors:

 photo PC280002.jpg

Not sure about this table - I guess I could paint it but it is rather instable and keeps falling apart. I might glue it. Not sure which colors to paint it though:

 photo PC280004.jpg

No idea what the chair on the right is?

 photo PC280005.jpg

To be honest, this is the only reason I bought the whole thing - they are too cute!

 photo PC280007.jpg

 photo PC280008.jpg

I see a lot of repainting in my future. Also the thing in the middle (front) - is that supposed to be an ice cube maker or something?

 photo PC280010.jpg

 photo PC280011.jpg

 photo PC280013.jpg

There was even an apron:

 photo PC280015.jpg

Not quite sure what these are supposed to be?

 photo PC280017.jpg

 photo PC280021.jpg
Tags: action figures, hauls

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