Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Meme - Places I slept in 2014

2013 ended with me being in London for the theatre "Richard II" with David Tennant and 2014 began with me being in Glasgow in January for Dick McWhittington
Nice side effect: Being able to watch the third season of "Sherlock" live in British TV.

February had me sleeping in Birmingham for the Elementary convention with Benedict Cumberbatch (and others)

March had me sleeping in London for the John Barrowman Recording studio visit

April saw me in Birmingham again (I really love this city!) for Miracle Day convention (Torchwood)

In May I was in Düsseldorf for Fedcon with Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks (and LOTS others)

In July I was at vacation in Bad Windsheim.

The rest of the year was rather uneventful with me just sleeping at home. But the new year again will start with a trip to Glasgow - the last one for now, it seems.

Where have you slept this year?

Places I slept in 2013

Places I slept in 2012

Places I slept in 2011
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