Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Look what I bought!

Bought myself a tool box!

 photo P1240001.jpg

Isn't that absolutely awesome? I saw it in a picture of a friend and needed one myself. Not easy to get, as it came out back in 2009 but luckily I found an ebay seller who still had it.

The name is XB124-19 1/6 Scale HOT ZCWO Tool Box with Tools TOYS if you want to search for it.

You could also go for this one, which has even more items than mine, but is also more expensive:

Okay, have some pictures! I am absolutely excited about this. Of course, the tools are only made from plastic (not metal) and they don't move but still. Absolutely awesome. Well worth the money.

 photo P1240002.jpg

 photo P1240003.jpg

 photo P1240006.jpg

And just in case anyone was in doubt about the size:

 photo P1240014.jpg

 photo P1240007.jpg
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