Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing - Salmon ladder for Oliver Queen as Arrow

I made a salmon ladder for my Oliver today! Click the LJ cut to see the step-by-step pictures.

I cut out the pieces from thick cardboard:

 photo P1310041.jpg

That's what they look like:

 photo P1310047.jpg

All the tools:

 photo P1310044.jpg

These red and blue pieces will make the "feet" of the salmon ladder. I got them from a children's magazine which I bought in the UK - they are meant to use for playing a game.

 photo P1310046.jpg

I glued the pieces to a wooden stick:

 photo P1310050.jpg

To make sure I hammered in a few nails:

 photo P2010001.jpg

 photo P2010005.jpg

I painted it to make it look rusty:

 photo P3010001.jpg

Then I weathered it:

 photo P3010003.jpg


 photo screenshot 2.jpg

My version - the bar needs to be painted yet:

 photo P3010005.jpg

 photo P3010007.jpg

 photo Projekt1.jpg
Tags: arrow, customizing

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