Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Arrow: Malcolm and his weapon closet

So I was just talking to sharp2799 and realized I never showed you the pictures I took of Malcolm Merlyn and his weapon closet. sueworld2003 might recognize a few things in here as well - for once, that is not Malcolm Merlyn but Wesley, the closets and some weapons came with him, and I believe the axe came with my Spike figure.

bloodsong13t , this post is for you as well. Enjoy!

PS: These pictures were taken a while ago, before I had made that Scimitar

 photo P5110002 600 x 450.jpg

 photo P5110005 450 x 600.jpg

 photo P5110008 450 x 600.jpg

 photo P5110009 450 x 600.jpg
Tags: action figures - arrow

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