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Architecture picspam - Dresden UFA Palace (Cinema)

Starting a new "architecture" tag today as I am really interested in interesting and unique buildings. The one I photographed today is the UFA Palast in Dresden, which is a cinema.

 photo P4050002.jpg

 photo P4050003.jpg

 photo P4050006.jpg

 photo P4050007.jpg

 photo P4050008.jpg

 photo P4050009.jpg

 photo P4050010.jpg

 photo P4050012.jpg

 photo P4050014.jpg

 photo P4050016.jpg

The so-called "sky-bar":

 photo P4050017.jpg

 photo P4050019.jpg

 photo P4050021.jpg

 photo P4050022.jpg

An old film projector:

 photo P4050023.jpg

How to put in the film:

 photo P4050026.jpg

The reason why we went there today - great and funny movie!

 photo P4050027.jpg

The main entry does not look so spectacular:

 photo P4050033.jpg

The "Rundkino", a building back from Eastern Germany times. It used to stand alone on a wide street, but now there are many surrounding new buildings and it seems a bit lost:

 photo P4050028.jpg

 photo P4050031.jpg

 photo P4050001.jpg

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