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Well, that was the longest wait ever for a figure. But now the Dark Archer is in da house! As well as Deadshot, both are great figures with many nice details. Click the LJ cut to see them all!

Some thoughts:

Malcolm has the same green and yellow arrow like Oliver, I guess I'll have to paint it black ;) The ones in his quiver on the back are black.

I am surprised about their elbows. Oliver in green Arrow suit had joints that were able to move up and down as well as turn around. Now both the Dark Archer and Deadshot have a joint in their right arm which moves up and down and in their left are one that only turns. Which means that the left arm cannot bend and is always stretched out. Deadshot can't even hold his weapon with both hands properly?

Malcolm also can't hold the scimitar I made in his right hand, I had to give it to his left for the fight. I took pictures of him sharpening it, but they are not quite like what we saw on TV. But in the fight picture, you can even see the sharp edge of the blade glinting in the sun. Because I did sharpen it indeed as well. Cool!

Also, I never noticed the golden detail on his boots? There are many layers at this figure, it is seriously cool and well done. Go grab them, it's money well spent!

In October we'll get Diggle and Felicity and Roy, I will have a nice collection soon. Also on their way yet are Oliver as Arrow.2 and the Flash.

 photo P4110001.jpg

 photo P4110002.jpg

 photo P4110004.jpg

 photo P4110010.jpg

 photo P4110015.jpg

 photo P4110016.jpg

 photo P4110017.jpg

 photo P4110018.jpg

 photo P4110022.jpg

 photo P4110023.jpg

 photo P4110027.jpg

 photo P4110030.jpg

 photo P4110031.jpg

 photo P4110032.jpg

 photo P4110037.jpg

 photo P4110044.jpg

 photo P4110047.jpg

 photo P4110072.jpg
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