Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Arrow: Episode "Sacrifice" (or: Oliver in chains, basically)

Oh boy, I just told tardisjournal that I had uploaded more pictures but in truth that was on Tumblr ;) I need to catch up here. So, have some scenes from the season 1 episode "Sacrifice". I'm sure you know which one that is.

 photo Chains01.jpg

 photo Chains02.jpg

 photo Chains03.jpg

I really love those handcuffs. Actually they are for the 1:6 figures and too big but they open and close. The ones I have for the small figures don't, and he was not able to get his arms close enough together for them. So, the big ones it were.

 photo Chains04.jpg

 photo Chains05.jpg

 photo Chains06.jpg

 photo Chains07.jpg
Tags: action figures - arrow

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