Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: Mini figures from "Shaun the sheep - the movie"

I recently saw "Shaun the sheep - the movie" and loved it. I giggled through the whole thing. These sheep are so cute!

I stumbled about new merchandise on ebay. These mini figures are smaller than my thumb.

Thumb up Shaun - Shaun - Shaun all fours - Shaun with snacks. The fur is really fuzzy!

 photo P4170005.jpg

Sadly both Timmy and his mum suffer from a short and a long leg and cannot stand unsupported. I used Blu Tack.

Diving Shaun - Timmy - Timmy's Mum - Shirley

 photo P4170008.jpg

Mr. X - Trumper - Shaun in disguise - Farmer

 photo P4170011.jpg

Bitzer - Slip

 photo P4170018.jpg

This is the package if you buy them but you won't know what's inside:

 photo P4170033.jpg
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