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It's true!

Remember, back in January John already talked about this - but then nothing came out of it, and both the BBC and Russel T. Davies said they have no idea.

Well, now it is indeed official! In his radio show a few hours ago John Barrowman announced that he recorded the first of many Big Finish Torchwood audio dramas.

This is the place to go to order them - the first one will be out in September

Read the announcement on the BF Facebook page here:

 photo 11146554_1048929605136221_3790296917015244277_n.jpg

The 21st Century is when it all changes... and Big Finish is ready!

 photo 11206956_1048926401803208_2119158041298614262_n.jpg

"Apologies to any of you trying to get on the site. The popularity of our Torchwood announcement has taken us a little by surprise and the vast, unprecedented number of visitors to our site is causing us some problems. We thought we were prepared. How could we have underestimated the great power of Torchwood?"

"You'll be pleased to know it's a bit of a hybrid - a mix of narration and full performance scenes, plus a couple of special extra touches. It's going to be a lot of fun!"

"The great thing is, this is just the start for Torchwood. We have the whole toy box to play with, and we share the continuity from the previous books, comics and audio plays, not to mention the tv series. You can be sure we're looking ahead at with lots of new ideas past these first 6 plays."
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