Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AO3 Kudos meme

Interrupting the posting of my convention pictures to take part in the AO3 Kudos meme, snatched from chamilet Looks like a fun idea!

So, here are my top 10 kudoed fics (and some action figure stories) on AO3:

1. Hands (25 Kudos)
Fandom: White Collar
Who would have thought that my first foray into the White Collar fandom would get the most kudos? Clearly I should write more! The story is set after the end of season 5, when Neal got kidnapped.

2. Leisure time (18 Kudos)
Fandom: Sherlock
Action figure pictures of Sherlock and John having a nice quiet day at home.

3. The Lives and Deaths of Malcolm Merlyn (12 Kudos)
Fandoms: Arrow, Torchwood
How Jack Harkness became Malcolm Merlyn.

4. Caught (12 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
Written after seeing some spoilerish pictures for the finale of season 1. Obviously AU as the actual episode was a bit different. It's about Oliver Queen and Malcolm Merlyn finding out their identities as Arrow and the Dark Archer.

5. The Torchwood Team bakes Christmas cookies
Fandom: Torchwood
Action figure pictures of the Torchwood team baking Christmas cookies.

6. Feet (8 Kudos)
Fandom: White Collar
The conclusion to my other story "Hands"

7. Back (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
A story about Malcolm Merlyn being caught and tortured in Nanda Parbat by Ra's al Ghul.

8. How I met my father (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
A missing scene from the end of season 2 - how exactly did Thea know where to find Malcolm?

9. ALS ice bucket challenge, Torchwood style (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Torchwood
Action figure pictures - What the title says.

10. Darkness on the edge of town (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
Action figure pictures of a famous scene in the season 1 finale - the fight between the Arrow and Malcolm Merlyn.
Tags: action figures - arrow, action figures - sherlock, action figures - torchwood, fic, meme

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