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I'm so excited

... and I just can't hide it...

I rarely fill out the music field when posting but this one is very fitting today ;)

Two days ago I bought a ticket for the concert tour of John Barrowman in October. In Cardiff, of course. Now I have "fun" trying to actually find a plane over there.

And for those that don't know who John Barrowman is (are there any out there?) I first got to know him as Captain Jack Harkness in "Dr. Who". Later he got his own series, "Torchwood". But prior to that he already had been a big star at the London West End, played the leading role in several musicals, and he also has done a lot of TV shows in the BBC. One where he fulfills wishes of people who want to perform on stage once, and he also searched for new musical stars together with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Just put in the name "John Barrowman" at youtube and you will be bombarded with thousands of links showing his many sides of an entertainer, be it singing, dancing, ice-dancing or playing the flute. I hadn't expected there are still such old fashioned entertainers out there. That's what blew me away. And his great voice, of course.

I like that he always gives 100 percent and more when performing, you can see that he just loves what he is doing and his own dream as a boy came true. On top of that he is a very likeable person with a great personality (and a great laugh). Goodlooking as well, and a lot of women in this world regret he's gay. Oh well, can't have everything ;) He and his partner Scott seem to be made for each other.

It also proves that you can be open about your sexuality and still have a career in the showbusiness. And two days ago he has flown to Los Angeles to guest star in "Desperate Housewives". I'm very excited about that as well and can't wait to see it. Seems John and me are the only ones that do like Bree ;)

If you want to see him on stage as well, here's a link selling tickets:
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