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Official Malcolm Merlyn comic on the way!

On his weekly radio show on the UK radio station Magic FM every Sunday at 6 PM UK time (international listeners can listen via an app for international radio) John Barrowman just revealed that he was in a meeting with DC and he and his sister Carole E. Barrowman will write a Malcolm Merlyn comic! Yay! Great news!

He actually said the meeting was very short - he had expected to have to do much more convincing, but all they said was great, we like it, go away and do it! No further info yet on when it will come out, but he promised to tell as soon as he has more news.

John and Carole have written many books together before - two biographies with many funny Barrowman family stories with the titles "Anything goes" and "I am what I am", the children book fantasy series called "Hollow Earth" (three books of seven out so far) about twins who can bring drawings to life or jump into paintings, as well as a Torchwood comic and the Torchwood novel "Exodus Code".

I can't wait for their take on Malcolm Merlyn!

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