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Star Trek action figure theatre - masterlist 7" (TOS)

Link to Masterlist for Star Trek action figures 12" (TOS) and 9" (VOY)

Link to Masterlist for Star Trek action figures 4,5" (VOY)

This is the Masterlist for Star Trek action figure theatre 7" (TOS). For the bigger figures, click the link above!

Explanations: Link-Livejournal, FB-Facebook, TU-Tumblr, TW-Twitter, IG-Instagram, AO3-Archive of our own, R-Reddit

Broken arm (Ted) FB TU TW IG1 IG2

Kicking Kirk TW

Chekov substitute FB TU TW1 TW2 IG1 IG2

TOS Biobed & Bridge console FB TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3

Electronic Captain's chair FB TU IG

Arctic FB TU TW IG

Campfire (Star Trek V) FB1 FB2 TU TW1 TW2 IG1 IG2 R

TV background TU TW IG

Moon landing FB1 FB2 TU1 TU2 TW1 TW2 IG1 IG2

Old fashioned travel FB TU TW IG

Kirk and Spock meet the Third Doctor and the Brigadier FB

Christmas scene FB TU TW IG

Scotty repairs an UFO FB TU TW IG

Traveling around the world FB TU TW

Oldtimers FB TU TW

Scotty fixed the chair FB TU TW

Aquarium rocks and fight with the Gorn FB1 FB2 TU1 TU2 TW1 TW2 TW3

Star Trek figures and a mini Astra FB1 FB2 TU TW1

Stack of books FB TU TW

A scale for the doctor's office FB TU TW

Kirk in leather jacket on motorbike FB TU

Tribbles FB1 TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3

Shore leave at the Christmas market Facebook TU TW

Marching Band FB1 FB2 FB3 TU1 TU2 TW

Comparison Mezco Kirk & QMX Kirk with Phaser rifle FB TU TW
"Anything you can do, I can do better..."

Kirk's fight with the Horn FB TU TW

Infinite action figures FB TU TW

Germany trip 1/5 Zeche Zollverein FB TU TW

Germany trip 2/5 Hermann Memorial FB TU TW

Germany trip 3/5 Historical Town Hall Münster FB TU TW

Germany trip 4/5 Cologne Cathedral FB TU

Germany trip 5/5 Externsteine FB TU TW

Convention pictures with the Enterprise (with Stargate friends) FB TU

Under my umbrella FB TU TW
The heatwave is over, now it's raining.

Captain, the food replicator has broken FB TU TW

Kirk and Spock play with ship models FB TU TW
Boys always will be boys ;)

Scenes from City on the edge of Forever FB TU TW
Recreated with the Mega Bloks set

Dancing FB TU TW
In the episode "Requiem for Methuselah" Spock played the piano, and Kirk danced with Rayna.

I'm a Doctor, not a mechanic FB TU TW
Crossover with Doctor Who - Clockwork men on the Enterprise!

Scotty shops for new weapons FB TU TW

William Shatner with car and dog FB TU

Jack Bauer and James T. Kirk: Tug of War FB TU TW

William Shatner and his bike FB TU TW

The Enterprise crew collects money for "Star Trek Continues" FB TU TW AO3

Bowling on the Enterprise FB TU TW AO3

The Hybrid meme FB TU TW

Kirk went Christmas shopping FB TU TW AO3 IG

Woodchopping in the Nexus FB TU TW

Dammit Bones I need you FB TU TW AO3

Devil in the dark FB TU TW

Big anniversary picnic 2/2 FB TU2 TW AO3
The aftermath of the party

Big anniversary picnic 1/2 FB TU1 TW AO3
Star Trek and Stargate figures have a barbecue together

Where's my book? FB TU TW
And suddenly, Kirk's book shelf was empty

Kirk with reading glasses FB TU TW

Big Tribble FB TU TW IG1IG2 IG3 IG4

Bow & Arrow FBs TU TW IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4 IG5
An homage to the episode "Friday's Child"

3D chess TU

Jurassic World TU AO3
The famous #prattkeeping scene

Funny Aliens FB TU TW IG

List of customized figures and props

List of introduction of Star Trek figures

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