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Sherlock action figure theatre - masterlist

Masterlist for Sherlock action figure theatre

A mysterious box FB TW

The game is on FB Tumblr Twitter Instagram

Wolverine scratching Sherlock's phone Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Cleaning in the Detolf Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Entry for the Sixth Scale Universe April 2017 competition "Cleaning"

We're being watched! Facebook1 Facebook2 Tumblr Twitter1 Twitter2
My figures reading the newspaper article about me and my figures

The letter Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Crossover with Torchwood

Peeking 1 Facebook Tumblr Twitter
The Doctor peeking into the mail slot of Baker Street 221b

Peeking 2 Facebook Tumblr Twitter
Sherlock peeking into the TARDIS keyhole

Sherlock meets Sherlock Facebook 1 Facebook 2 Tumblr Twitter1 Twitter2

A game of roulette Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Sherlock as a pirate Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Just a little riddle Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Who wears the coat better: Jack, Sherlock or the Doctor? Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Hamlet and violin Facebook1 Facebook2 Tumblr Twitter1

All Star Band Facebook Tumblr Twitter
"Wholock" Entry for the March 2015 competition in Sixth Scale Universe: "Music"

A get together with friends Facebook Tumblr AO3
The Doctors and Sherlock enjoying some free time

Leisure time Facebook Tumblr Twitter AO3 Instagram
John and Sherlock relaxing at home


Sherlock & John: The Abominable Bride FB1 FB2 Tumblr TW1 TW2 Instagram

Baker Street Door Facebook1 Facebook2 Tumblr Twitter

5" Sherlock is here Facebook1 Facebook2 Tumblr Twitter1 Twitter2

Big Chief Studios Sherlock & John

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