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AFT: Action figures on location in Cardiff part 2

Some years ago I already took my figures to Cardiff, if you want to see the TARDIS parked in front of the water tower, or the Torchwood team investigating that old cinema, or Jack getting his coffee from Ianto in the bay, or Tosh at the pier, go here

And now, more action figures on location!

Jack at the balcony from the Doctor Who episode "The empty child" (Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building)

 photo P5300251 600 x 450.jpg

And Torchwood locations in Cardiff castle. Gwen brings the pizza in the first episode, this is the air shelter that was built in the castle wall during WWII. Quite convincing with the noise of dropping bombs they have playing there.

 photo P5300260 600 x 450.jpg

And Captains Jack and John up at the castle tower in the episode "Exit Wounds", looking down at a burning Cardiff. The most funny thing happened while we were up there - we met a woman from Coventry and a young boy who was staying for a year with her for a school exchange and he originally was from - you'll never guess this - Dresden! We had quite a lovely chat. I also urged them to buy ticktets for John's concert the same evening. Hope they liked it!

 photo P5300271 600 x 450.jpg

 photo P5300276 600 x 450.jpg
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