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Introducing: Battle ravaged Kirk

I hope I am not boring you yet with all those Kirks... this is the last arrival for now. He is called "Battle ravaged Kirk". Being the whumper I am, of course I had to get this! I'm sure it will come in handy ;) Read on behind the cut

Who hurt this nice face?

 photo P6170007.jpg

 photo P6170012.jpg

Apart from the usual tricorder and communicator, he came with a lot of other awesome stuff. Although I am not sure how this hand is any different from the one he has. But Spock might like it, as he has the typical Vulcanian sign and might like something else for a change. If I can get his hand off.

 photo P6170027.jpg

I don't think I have him yet seen using this weapon though.

 photo P6170021.jpg

And this coin (showing front- and backside here)

 photo coin.jpg

Oh, here's something I hadn't shown you yet: As opposite to the Stargate figures, who only could stand with straight legs as their feet didn't move, the feet of the Star Trek figures are able to move up and down. Which allows to give them a really walking pose and still the feet are flat on the ground (if I tried this with my Stargate figures, they would just topple over). This should also make for some great fighting poses. Out of habit I just let them stand there for the fight in Amok Time instead of doing a bit more with the legs. I shall re-do these pics once I have a McCoy.

 photo P6170019.jpg

 photo P6170001-1.jpg
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