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Picspam: Houses in the street where I live

Anyone here interested in architecture? Please have a look through the pictures I took today while testing my new camera. All those nice houses are in the street where I live. Each similar in style, yet each individual and different. And so many nice details. In comparison how boring that one modern house is looking! No nice details at all.
These houses were built after 1900 when it was realized that workers need nice apartments to live in so they can work better. At the back of the houses are also small gardens.
Since we are a bit outside of the inner city these were not destroyed during the Dresden bombing but during 40 years of Eastern Germany they suffered and were never repaired. Now they are reconstructed to new beauty. One nicer than the other.

Please click the LJ cut to see all of them!

 photo DSC00458.jpg

 photo DSC00459.jpg

 photo DSC00460.jpg

 photo DSC00461.jpg

 photo DSC00465.jpg

 photo DSC00466.jpg

 photo DSC00467.jpg

 photo DSC00468.jpg

 photo DSC00469.jpg

 photo DSC00470.jpg

 photo DSC00471.jpg

 photo DSC00473.jpg

 photo DSC00474.jpg

 photo DSC00475.jpg

 photo DSC00478.jpg

 photo DSC00479.jpg

 photo DSC00481.jpg

 photo DSC00482.jpg

 photo DSC00483.jpg

 photo DSC00484.jpg

 photo DSC00485.jpg

 photo DSC00486.jpg

 photo DSC00489.jpg

 photo DSC00490.jpg

 photo DSC00491.jpg

 photo DSC00494.jpg

 photo DSC00496.jpg

"Mit Gott tritt ein! Bring Glück herein" (Come in with God and bring luck with you)

 photo DSC00497.jpg

 photo DSC00498.jpg

 photo DSC00501.jpg

 photo DSC00503.jpg

 photo DSC00504.jpg

This is a more than 100 years old school.

 photo DSC00510.jpg

"Knaben" is an old German word for "boys". The entry for the girls was on the other side.

 photo DSC00512.jpg

 photo DSC00513.jpg

 photo DSC00514.jpg

 photo DSC00515.jpg

 photo DSC00520.jpg

 photo DSC00522.jpg

 photo DSC00523.jpg

 photo DSC00521.jpg
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