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Picspam: Impressions of Dresden Zoo

Still trying out my new camera, and I realized I haven't been to the Zoo in ages. Have some funny and maybe also unusual pics! Imagine camels that think it's too hot ;) Click the cut to see them all.

 photo DSC01212.jpg

 photo DSC01000.jpg

 photo DSC01001.jpg

 photo DSC01004.jpg

 photo DSC01006.jpg

 photo DSC01008.jpg

 photo DSC01010.jpg

 photo DSC01015.jpg

 photo DSC01016.jpg

There was a sign saying that the little ones sometimes get out through the fence but always return on their own. So cute!

 photo DSC01018.jpg

I actually saw this kangaroo in jumping action:

 photo DSC01024.jpg

Baby donkey:

 photo DSC01038.jpg

 photo DSC01042.jpg

 photo DSC01043.jpg

Love the foot sticking out!

 photo DSC01045.jpg

For some reason, they tried desperatedly opening the door handle. They were very adamant about it.

 photo DSC01048.jpg

 photo DSC01049.jpg


 photo DSC01056.jpg

 photo DSC01061.jpg

Apparently these grey little things want to become flamingos one day as well?

 photo DSC01065.jpg

My favourite ones: Oran-utans. The little ones were quite active. I remember them being cute fuzzy babies a few years ago.

 photo DSC01068.jpg

 photo DSC01069.jpg

 photo DSC01070.jpg

I could watch them all day long and I got the impression they were doing a show for us.

 photo DSC01072.jpg

 photo DSC01073.jpg

 photo DSC01076.jpg

 photo DSC01078.jpg

 photo DSC01079.jpg

 photo DSC01081.jpg

 photo DSC01086.jpg

 photo DSC01088.jpg

There is even a koala web cam:

 photo DSC01092.jpg

 photo DSC01094.jpg

 photo DSC01096.jpg

And this is a sloth but it moved too fast for a proper picture ;)

 photo DSC01097.jpg

We can watch the penguins above and under water:

 photo DSC01104.jpg

The little one had been born just last week:

 photo DSC01109.jpg

Another favourite of mine: Camels. The two-humped version.

 photo DSC01112.jpg

 photo DSC01119.jpg

 photo DSC01121.jpg

Even they thought the heat was too much! I love this pose!

 photo DSC01125.jpg

 photo DSC01129.jpg

And this stork is bringing the babies in Germany. Tell me which animal is doing the job in your country! At every compound with newborns there was a sign with a stork.

 photo DSC01140.jpg

Yet another favourite animal (my standard icon might have given it away):

 photo DSC01143.jpg

 photo DSC01146.jpg

 photo DSC01163.jpg

 photo DSC01167.jpg

 photo DSC01172.jpg

When I was at the elephants, suddenly the zookeepers came and we got a little show before they were fed:

 photo DSC01176.jpg

I wonder if they have heard of the famous #prattkeeping Jurassic World zookeepers meme?

 photo DSC01183.jpg

 photo DSC01184.jpg

 photo DSC01192.jpg

 photo DSC01194.jpg

 photo DSC01197.jpg

 photo DSC01203.jpg

We even have a Zoo Punch & Judy theatre:

 photo DSC01221.jpg

That's the guy:

 photo DSC01227.jpg

Blast from the past: A lot has changed about the Zoo since I was a child, but this statue is still there. A memory of my childhood.

 photo DSC01228.jpg
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