Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introducing: Battle-scarred Kirk and Gorn

You thought I already owned every Kirk that is out there? Well, you thought wrong LOL
I purchased another two-pack. Battle-scarred Kirk and Gorn from the episode "Arena". Don't confuse him with the bleeding battle ravaged Kirk

This one is "only" dirty - dirty shirt and pants:

 photo DSC01244.jpg

Dirty face and mussed hair:

 photo DSC01245.jpg

Dirty hands as well:

 photo DSC01246.jpg

He comes with the usual communicator and phaser - the black handled version (as I have learnt now that there are different phasers)

 photo DSC01258.jpg

For what it's worth:

 photo DSC01241.jpg

Can't wait to set up proper pictures with the Gorn. He is very flexible! Uhm, not what you think LOL

He comes with his communicator and weapon:

 photo DSC01279.jpg

Although Kirk should have such a communicator as well, otherwise how will they be able to communicate? Maybe I can find a lose one at ebay somewhere.

 photo DSC01264.jpg
Tags: hauls

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