Antje (dieastra) wrote,

figma - "The Thinker"

And now for something different. I hear it is the first of many more planned. I shall collect them all. figma - "The Thinker" comes with lots of different hands, as well as a second back (which has a hole so you can put it on the stand for posing) and a second head (which has no hole where his thinker hand is going in the mouth) But I have no idea what to do with the small green thing in the plastic bag. Anyone? Also - finally a figure that can do Jack's famous arm crossed pose!

Please click the LJ cut to see all pictures.

 photo P6230020.jpg

 photo P6230022.jpg

 photo P6230023.jpg

 photo P6230026.jpg

 photo P6230028.jpg

 photo P6230032.jpg

 photo P6230033.jpg

 photo P6230034.jpg

 photo P6230006.jpg

 photo P6230009.jpg

 photo P6230013.jpg

 photo P6230016.jpg

 photo P6230002.jpg
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