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Introducing: Star Trek crew

I have so many pictures to catch up with, I haven't even introduced the Star Trek crew properly yet! I have the whole team now, and we already did pictures with it. Stay tuned for when the real fun starts. But for now, the introduction. Click the LJ cut to see all the pictures.

Oh, and I wanted to say - to my new friends. I am in a figure spamming mood right now, usually this journal is a bit more diverse. Seriously! So if you are sick to hear from figures, try architecture or Dresden or any of the convention tags, or John Barrowman - this one should keep you occupied for a while ;) It's just bad timing that you came at a time when all the exciting fannish things are over for the moment.

Also, did you know that you actually can go to your page and select tags you don't want to see displayed on your friends list? I really don't want to bore you to death.

Spock has his "Live long and prosper" hand which is nice but makes him limited for other uses. I have spare hands though, some come with the figures so it should be possible to exchange them quite easily. Haven't tried yet though, I don't want to break things!

 photo DSC00270.jpg

 photo DSC00235.jpg

Uhura has a very weird stance. Her right leg is off much to the side, and there are no joints at the hips at all. Which means she is the only one that can't sit down. This proved to be a difficulty when we all had them have barbecue together.

 photo DSC00233.jpg

But she is forgiven as she comes with a nice prop which I didn't have before (while I drown in phasers and communicators)

 photo DSC00243.jpg

I just put all the phasers into one box - and it took me a while to realize that there were different kinds! I never noticed in the series. Now I don't remember which phaser came with which figure.

 photo DSC00258.jpg

But at least I have my McCoy now. Can't wait to put up a proper sickbay! If you knew all the tiny medical stuff I own...

 photo DSC00207-bearbeitet.jpg
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