Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introduction: Kirk & Spock The Voyage home

Kirk and Spock from the fourth Trek movie "The voyage home" (also known as "The one with the whales")
I admit I am not happy with that Kirk. The suit is way too dark. Should be more red :( Spock is awesome in his robe though.

Seriously, this should be way more red? I am very tempted to repaint him in the right color. I cannot stand this :(

 photo DSC02343.jpg

 photo DSC02345.jpg

They should have probably looked at their own picture on the package!

 photo DSC02325.jpg

 photo DSC02333.jpg

 photo DSC02335.jpg

Nice shoes Spock - but I have no idea why he has knee joints, as he certainly can't use them with the robe.

 photo DSC02340.jpg

At least this time Spock brings a spare "Live long and prosper" with him. But with all the hands I recently got with my Kirks, maybe I can find a regular one for the other figurs that are stuck with this one pose.

 photo DSC02356.jpg

 photo DSC02330.jpg
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