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Star Trek Continues

The following is a review I wrote to the guys at Star Trek Continues
I want to share it with you in case this is the first time you hear of it. If so, please believe me it’s worth checking out. Italic stuff in brackets are additions that were not in the original review. Enjoy!


A few days ago I expressed my disappointment that in the original Star Trek series it was never dealt with the scene where Spock took away Kirk’s memories. I thought this was a huge thing that needs to be talked about. A friend (x_erikah_x) gave me the link to your page, saying that in the fourth episode this would be dealt with. So out of the four available at the moment, I watched “The White Iris” first.

Even though you may have heard it thousands of times before, I want to give praise where praise is due, and I thought you might appreciate it even for the thousandandfirst time. From personal experience I know that feedback is always welcome.

The friend that gave me the link (thank you so much again) already had told me that Vic Mignogna, the guy who plays Kirk (apparently he wanted to be Kirk since he was 10 years old – what an achievement and dedication!) has all his mannerisms down to a T, so I came in with very high expectations – and I was not disappointed. Aside from the body language and the speech pattern I am especially blown away by your voice modulation. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, you really can hear Shatner in there. Yet it’s not just a parody or copy. Vic certainly brings something own to this role, especially in the emotional scenes. I was deeply touched by Kirk’s inner struggle in that episode, and when he hugged his daughter in the end I am not ashamed to admit that I cried. Powerful stuff.

(The first episode also has a shirtless scene, and the second a typical fight including the jump with two feet into the chest of the opponent – I am enjoying myself immensely)

This would become too long to mention everyone in such detail, but I want to give extra points to Chuck Huber as Dr. McCoy. I was a bit disappointed to see that he was not in the first two episodes, but I read older reviews asking for a replacement and I think you now found the right guy with him. His voice is amazing and he was simply awesome.

(The third I want to mention is Scotty, played by no other than the son of James Doohan, Chris Doohan who also has been in some official Star Trek movies already. If you look at the biographies of the actors, they all do other stage or film work, so they certainly know what they are doing, these are not cringeworthy amateurs)

But any actor is only as good as the script. The story is helped by dialogue that would have been said by the characters in exactly this way. Simply amazing.

Out of the four available episodes, “The White Iris” still remains my favorite. I have also read reviews that said they rather want to see original stories and not depend so much on already existing ones. I disagree. I love this connection to the past and that we find out what happened next after the cameras turned away. Life doesn’t stop, it goes on and on. Especially the one that was set in the “Mirror Mirror” universe, “Fairest of them all”, was very interesting in that regard.

The only episode with no connection to any previous episode is “Lolani”, the one with the Orion slave girl, and I was also deeply touched by her struggle. Together with the amazing sets and props, the music, the costumes, the special effects, everyone working so hard on this, the viewer is totally immersed. You’ve sucked me into your universe and I have no intention of leaving. I have become a huge fan now and can’t wait for the next episode. I also love the additions you made, they work very well (There’s a counselor now and also a holo-deck)

I’ll also send some money once I’m able to. I mean it. People working with so much love and enthusiasm that give so much should be rewarded.

See, I’m very new to the Trek universe. Even though I was born in 1973, I did not grow up with it as we simply could not watch Western TV series where I lived in Eastern Germany. And later I thought it is too late now, that it belongs into its time and the past. How wrong I was. I just binge-watched TOS, TAS and the movies in the past few weeks and here I am now.

Greetings from Dresden, Germany


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