Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Progress on Kirk

Today I painted the chest and shoulder. I had to mix the color from three colors to match the paint that already was on his face. The original skin color I bought was way too pink. I softened it with a bit of beige - light brown, which is a leftover from when I repainted the Stargate desert uniforms but then it was too greyish and I added a bit of yellow to get this color.

I took pictures for you and then I realized I had forgotten the nipple ;) So some more paint and color mixing.

 photo DSC02519-600.jpg

While I was at it, I also freshened up the gold on his uniform. Spot the difference?

 photo DSC02530-600.jpg

Now I only need to attach the cloth and I'm finished!
Tags: customizing

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