Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Introduction: Irradiated Spock & Admiral Kirk

When buying this double pack, I thought I would get an ordinary Spock, as he seems to be rare to find. Guess I'll have to hunt a bit more. I can't see myself replaying THAT scene? We'll see.
He came in a double pack with Kirk and the white flap uniform - finally I don't have to use the one with the blood stain anymore, it was a bit difficult removing that in post production. The other Kirk was in a single box.

More pictures behind the cut, as usual.

 photo DSC02417.jpg

 photo DSC02298.jpg

 photo DSC02425.jpg

 photo DSC02448.jpg

 photo DSC02322.jpg

Look at that detail!

 photo DSC02443.jpg

 photo DSC02305.jpg

 photo DSC02456.jpg

 photo DSC02460.jpg
Tags: hauls

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