Antje (dieastra) wrote,

More Shatner comparisons

I have no idea whom to give credit for those, because the guy who posted these at the William Shatner Facebook group seems to steal from all over the place and never gives credit but I like them too much to not share. Because they are spot on.

 photo 10458013_1222043627820637_8491549679066180162_n 375 x 500.jpg

 photo 11954831_1222044384487228_8988689297618209275_n 346 x 500.jpg

 photo 11947627_1222044317820568_2287052565879627382_n 500 x 243.jpg

 photo 11986426_1222044494487217_3593968897750425915_n 418 x 500.jpg
Tags: comparisons, william shatner

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