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Work of others: Action Tales by Sharp2799: SG-1 Drabble: Unexpected Planet

For my shiny new tag "Work of others". I love this very much as it is really funny and it also shows you don't need a lot of fancy props as long as you have an unique idea. Well done sharp2799!

(only those that watched Stargate will get the significance of Blue Jello though)

Originally posted by sharp2799 at Action Tales: SG-1 Drabble: Unexpected Planet
A birthday present for renwah. It's been a long time since I brought SG-1 back into play and I hope you enjoy this. :)

Unexpected Planet

SG-1 came out of the Stargate, ready to explore the interesting-looking room that appeared via the MALP.

Jack stared at his boots, now covered in blue gel. "Daniel, care to explain?"

Daniel cleared his throat. “It appears to be some sort of processing plant."

"Next to the Stargate."

"Maybe they didn’t know what it was and just stored it. Like we did." Daniel lifted one foot. "Or maybe it's for easy access to transport this...stuff." He sniffed the glob on his sleeve. "Is this what I think it is?"

"Indeed." Teal’c skidded slightly as he took a step, and frowned. "I had not considered that this substance was alien in origin. It explains much."

Sam licked her lips. "We'll need to take samples. If this is where it comes from...."

"Not so fast, captain."


"But it’s blue Jello," said Sam with a straight face.

Rumbling in the walls made them lurch and the floor shook as a new layer of blue gelatin poured from the mesh tubes. Teal’c landed on his back, while Daniel grabbed one of the tubes for balance.


Jack coughed. "That’s my sidearm, captain."

"Yes, sir." She untangled her legs from his with an evil glint in her eye. As Daniel helped Teal’c up, she said, for Jack's ears only, "You keep telling yourself that."

Jack grinned briefly and said in a normal voice, "Let's go home, kids. Someone's got explaining to do."

Notes: Yes, that really is blue Jello. Lots and lots of it. I originally thought I could set this up in the bathtub but the bottom wasn't flat enough for them to stand so I had to move to plan B. Posterboard covered with clear plastic on the floor. The mesh tubes is from a shower poof that I pulled apart.

It was one glorious mess. LOL

Tags: action figures - stargate, work of others

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