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Ladies and Gentlemen - Vic Mignogna, singer

Happy now x_erikah_x? What have you done to me ;)

Okay, I give up. Here is Vic Mignogna getting a tag on my LJ (he'd have gotten it next May anyway after my picture with him on Fedcon).
After watching him produce and star (being wonderfully as Kirk) in Star Trek Continues I am now discovering his music side.

Did you know I only became a John Barrowman fan once I found out that he also sings (and dances and entertains in general)? And that Matt Bomer singing tipped me over finally? And for those that don't know, Richard Dean Anderson did some singing in the Seventies as well. Maybe I should do an extra post with some links. Anyway, I really stood no chance. I love multitalented men. Sue me.

Here are my three (at the moment) favorite songs written and sung by Vic Mignogna.

The first is a wonderful love song, and I love in general men who can play the piano. I am not sure which version you would prefer, so you get the CD version as well as a live version.

The next song has to do with his Fullmetal Alchemist voiceacting of which I don't have a clue but still I like the song:

And finally a funny song about his Italian heritage. I really love that one!
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