Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Marty McFly - Back to the Future

21st October 2015 is still "Back to the Future" day so here are some pictures of Marty McFly I was able to snatch before having to give him to my brother (who paid for it). I love all the props he comes with. Click the LJ cut, there are many pictures!

 photo DSC01795.jpg

 photo DSC01788.jpg

 photo DSC01790.jpg

 photo DSC01773.jpg

 photo DSC01772.jpg

 photo DSC01782.jpg

 photo DSC01784.jpg

 photo DSC01796.jpg

 photo DSC01818.jpg

 photo DSC01815.jpg

 photo DSC01808.jpg

 photo DSC01810.jpg

 photo DSC01739.jpg

 photo DSC01743.jpg

 photo DSC01763.jpg

 photo DSC01751.jpg

 photo DSC01747.jpg

 photo DSC01753.jpg
Tags: action figures, back to the future, hauls

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