Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Back to the future Day - some funny videos from today

A collection of funny videos and pages - everyone's having a great day!

First, a message from Doc himself:

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in the Jimmy Kimmel Show:

A video that shows us how many predicted things came true:

Another funny one with the same theme, comparison side by side:

We even have a Jaws 19 trailer:

This is a video from the German main news channel:

They report on Queen Diana visiting America and meeting with the female president, prices for seaweed going up, then the crash with the DeLorian at a street in California and finally about the Cubs winning this season.

It's all from these USA Today headlines:

Lots of fun was had by Police in Downunder:

Waterloo station in London showed this on their screens:

Did you find more? Let me know! I want to see it all.
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